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Canadians Can NOT Use Guns To Protect or Defend

Yes, it’s true, Trudeau said Canadians Can NOT Use Guns To Protect or Defend themselves against violent intruders, nope, you don’t need a weapon to protect your family.

Is this guy totally insane? If he thinks I’m going to give up my weapon, my protection, the only thing standing between me and harm to myself and my family, he better think again.

There are actually 5 rules of gun safety. The one most people forget is: “Never let the government take your guns”

He can pass any laws he wants, I and MANY others will NOT obey, will you?

One person said: Gee, he shouldn’t have any armed security for his self-defense then either.

Poilievre Rips Into Trudeau

Can’t Use GUN for Self Protection – Said Trudeau

You can’t use a gun for self-protection in Canada. It’s not a right that you have,” says Trudeau. Criminals could potentially harm you and your family with ILLEGAL guns, but YOU, a law-abiding citizen, do not have the right to defend yourself with a LEGAL gun.

Here are MY thoughts on this.

I will NOT Comply

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