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Business of War – Feeding The War Mongers

Business of War – Feeding The War Mongers, There’s something special about war. Over the past 3,400 years of human history, we’ve spent only 268 of them in peace But the business of war goes much further back than that, with the first one ever recorded in 2700 BCE in Mesopotamia.

This makes the industry of war have a longer track record than the information industry, education, and banking combined War is the ultimate discipline of any government. War is to the government what life and death are to humans. If nations can meet the challenge of war, they’ll survive. If it can’t, they’ll perish. War can also be looked at as a racket. The Dangers of Nuclear Warfare

If you can help governments in their primal act of survival to remain in power by offering raw materials, weapons, soldiers, and services to soldiers; you’re gonna be the government’s best friend. Normal business profit margins are around 10%, give or take. But war-time profits? We’re talking 20%, 60%, 100%, 300%, 800%, the sky is the limit! DuPont for example during WWI, during the war-time years, their profits increased by more than 950%! Or take the Central Leather Company at that time, in the three years before the war, profits were around $3.5m. In 1916? $15m. During the Iraq War, often called the most privatized war in history; KBR, the main logistics supplier contractor for the US, we’re talking food, facilities, etc., got a whopping $39.5b in Iraq-related contracts KBR’s parent company, Halliburton’s CEO was paid $42.6m in 2004 CACI’s CEO made a fairly decent $22.2m in 2004 TITAN? He takes the crown with a $47.2m income in 2004 and 5 If you look throughout history – funding and supplying the enemy is all in a day’s work as a War Profiteer In the War Industry: your customers are all the governments of the world. You can’t make war-time profits… if there isn’t a war. The general public usually never wants to go to war Now is the time to lobby for war, push for more conflicts, max out your campaign contributions, and get the media involved in the war, war profiteering, the business of war,military-industrial complex, Kbr, Halliburton, Afghanistan, corruption, Iraq, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, vice news, china, ABC News, NBC news, business, business news, entrepreneurship, economy news, economy, our economy, Coldfusion.

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