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Bread Costs More Now Than Ever

Bread Breaking all time highs

Bread, a vital basic food, currently costs more than it ever has before, due to the relentless upward pressure on prices exerted by rampant inflation. As a result, household food expenses throughout the Eurozone have been skyrocketing over the last several months.

According to statistics that were made public on Monday by the statistical office of the European Union (EU), Eurostat, the cost of bread throughout the territory has been on average 18 percent higher in August when compared to the same time period a year earlier.

According to Eurostat, “this is a substantial rise compared with August 2021,” which was the month when the cost of bread was on average 3% more than it was in August 2020.

The biggest jumps were seen in Hungary, where prices increased by a whopping 66% over the previous year. The cost of bread increased by 33% in Lithuania, 32% in Estonia, and 32% in Slovakia respectively during the last year.

In France, the price of bread increased by just 8% on average, making it the country with the lowest average price rise. The general cost of living rose by an average of ten percent in both Luxembourg as well as the Netherlands.

According to Eurostat, the monthly statistics revealed a discernible rise in headline inflation, which ranged from 3% to 10% during the course of the year.

The war between Ukraine and Russia is being blamed by the agency for the rise in the price of bread, with the emphasis being placed on the fact that both countries “have been important exporters of cereals, wheat, maize, oilseeds (especially sunflowers), and fertilizers.”

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