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BlackRock Executive Exposed: Revelations of Global Control and Sinister Agendas

Discover the shocking revelations of a BlackRock executive caught on camera, exposing the company’s control over the world and its involvement in sinister agendas. Learn about their manipulation of politicians, profiting from global conflicts, and the implications for the future.

In a groundbreaking undercover operation, James O’Keefe’s new outlet, O’Keefe Media Group (OMG), has obtained disturbing footage of a high-ranking BlackRock executive named Serge Varlay. The hidden camera recording captures Varlay making alarming admissions about the globalist investment firm, suggesting that they exert a significant influence over the world and pursue a disturbing agenda that involves depopulating the planet. These revelations shed light on the dark side of one of the most powerful financial institutions and raise concerns about their impact on society and politics.

BlackRock’s Manipulation of Politicians and Power

In the undercover footage, Varlay reveals how BlackRock effectively manipulates politicians to serve its interests. He unabashedly states, “The senators…are f***ing cheap – you got 10 grand, you can buy a senator.” This shocking statement exposes a corrupt system where money plays a pivotal role in shaping political decisions. Varlay further emphasizes that the company’s control extends beyond the presidency itself, asserting that it is the entity controlling the president’s wallet that truly holds power. BlackRock’s ability to influence politicians raises significant questions about the integrity of democratic processes and the accountability of those in positions of power.

Sinister Agendas: BlackRock’s Depopulation Scheme

Varlay’s revelations take an even more sinister turn as he suggests that BlackRock is actively working towards depopulating the planet. The executive admits, “You can take this big f*** ton of money and buy people…It doesn’t matter who wins; they’re in my pocket.” This admission implies that BlackRock’s agenda transcends political affiliations and places control in the hands of an elite few who are pursuing a hidden depopulation scheme. Such revelations call into question the ethical and moral implications of the actions taken by a company with immense global influence.

Profiting from Global Conflicts: BlackRock and Ukraine

The undercover footage also exposes BlackRock’s involvement in profiting from global conflicts. Varlay explicitly acknowledges the company’s financial gains from the war in Ukraine, stating, “Ukraine is good for business…Volatility creates the opportunity for profit.” This revelation sheds light on the disturbing reality that financial institutions may benefit from geopolitical instability and human suffering. BlackRock’s willingness to exploit conflicts for financial gain raises serious concerns about its ethical responsibilities and the potential consequences for global peace and stability.


The shocking revelations from the undercover footage of a BlackRock executive, Serge Varlay, provide a disturbing glimpse into the world of a globalist investment company with immense power and influence. The video exposes BlackRock’s manipulation of politicians and their active pursuit of a depopulation agenda. Furthermore, the company’s involvement in profiting from global conflicts, as evidenced by its association with the war in Ukraine, raises serious ethical questions.

These revelations serve as a reminder of the importance of transparency, accountability, and ethical behavior in the financial sector. The implications of BlackRock’s actions extend far beyond financial markets, affecting global politics, societal well-being, and the prospects for a just and sustainable future.

It is crucial that such disclosures prompt further scrutiny and demand greater accountability from powerful institutions like BlackRock. Only through awareness and informed action can we strive for a more equitable and responsible financial system that truly serves the interests of the people and the planet.

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