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Australia’s Move Towards a Cashless Society: The Rise of Digital Passports

In a significant shift, the Australian government, influenced by the World Economic Forum (WEF), is on the brink of implementing a nationwide ban on physical cash. This move is poised to mandate a “digital passport” for all individuals, effectively integrating them into a society dependent on digital transactions.

Australia’s Transition: A Gateway to New World Order
Undoubtedly, Australia’s actions are laying the foundation for a “cashless society” aligned with the broader agenda of eroding public freedoms. This monumental step is not merely about embracing digital transactions but is a calculated move towards shaping a New World Order.

The Digital Passport Mandate
Under the governance influenced by the WEF, the government asserts that the introduction of a “digital passport” aims to curb dissent and disruptive behavior among citizens.

A spokesperson explained on the Today Show in Australia that this system would essentially mirror the functionality of a traditional passport. Australians will be compelled to furnish 100 points of identification, akin to driver’s licenses or passports, to access social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Law enforcement agencies will be granted access to these social media accounts, forming a part of an extensive crackdown on online misconduct.

Implications and Financial Transition
Simultaneously, major Australian banks are swiftly transitioning away from physical currency. Macquarie Bank, one of the country’s leading banks, recently declared its intent to eliminate cash, cheques, and phone payments by 2024, opting for an exclusive reliance on digital transactions.

Global Impacts and Totalitarian COntrol
Australia isn’t an isolated case. The European Parliament, in alliance with member states, has also embraced the mandatory adoption of Bill Gates’ Digital ID. This system embodies features aimed at segregating non-compliant individuals from society, a move that aligns with the globalist agenda.

For years, warnings from sources like News Addicts have highlighted the globalist agenda’s core elements: Digital IDs and Central Bank Digital Currencies. These elements are perceived as instruments designed to confine humanity within a digital enclosure.

Acknowledgment of Globalist Plans
Remarkably, recent developments within the European Union validate these long-standing warnings. Despite consistent denial by the elite, attempts to silence those exposing their plans as “conspiracy theorists” are being unveiled as the globalists are decisively implementing their agenda.

The transition towards digital control mechanisms, once dismissed as mere speculation, is now unfolding before our eyes.

The strategies employed by the globalist elite, including censorship, societal exclusion, and even incarceration of dissenters, were formerly downplayed. However, recent actions reveal their intention to actualize these strategies.

The convergence of government actions in Australia and the European Union serves as an alarm, marking the commencement of a transformative era dominated by digital controls and systemic surveillance.

As these developments escalate, it becomes imperative for individuals to remain vigilant and critically analyze the trajectory towards a controlled digital existence.

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