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Australians to be Imprisoned for 2 years for Breaking COVID Orders

Imprisoned for 2 years for Breaking COVID Orders

An Australian politician has submitted 2 bills that could put folks in Victoria in jail for 2 years for breaking covid orders.

Since the beginning of these coronavirus problems, the Australian region of Victoria has enforced many of the highest extreme restrictions of liberties anyplace in the entire world, consisting of day-to-day curfews and compulsory mask-wearing in public.

Victoria’s Premier Dan Andrews recently introduced to Parliament a Public Health Variation (Pandemic Management) Bill 2021.

These bills, which are presently under consideration and review in Assemblage, are going to grant Andrews’ governing administration the power to enforce $90,000 fines on people that “deliberately and carelessly” break public healthcare orders and $455,000 for companies. Furthermore, the police force is going to be granted the authorization to lock up Australians that fail to adhere to public orders for as much as 2 years. YES, you heard me correctly… 2 YEARS IN JAIL…

Bend the Masses to the Will of a Few

If successfully passed, Bill 2021, will definitely empower the Victorian region govt to “limit activity, to call for using face covers, or perhaps to demand individuals to be subject to quarantine or perhaps seclusion.”

The Pandemic Administration bill’s specified objective is to subdue “one of the most egregious pandemic-related conducts” and “body corporate entities [companies] from non-compliance” using hefty fines when actions are identified to be a “danger to the overall health of another person.”

The New York Times Actually Said This

It says, “The maximum penalty for an individual for this offense is 500 penalty units [exceeding $90,000] for a person or imprisonment up to 2 years. For a body corporate, the maximum penalty is the greater of either 2,500 penalty units [exceeding $454,000] or a fine of up to three times the assessed commercial benefit gained as a result of the non-compliance.”

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