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Are Mysterious Migrants in Dover Harbour Hiding a Lethal Virus?

Well, folks, it looks like we’ve got a real-life game of “Guess the Biohazard” happening at Dover Harbour. Are these migrants harboring a deadly virus, or are they just participating in an impromptu hazmat fashion show? It’s a real head-scratcher. But hey, who needs transparency when you can have some good old-fashioned mystery and speculation? Maybe they’re just rehearsing for their big debut in the next pandemic blockbuster. Who knows, they might even win an Oscar for “Best Performance in a Hazmat Suit.” More on this below. Keep reading

The UK Home Office has officially confirmed the deployment of a biohazard response team at Dover Harbour on Friday afternoon. This action was initiated following reports of a group of illegal migrants arriving from France who appeared to be in an “unwell” condition, sparking concerns that they might be carrying a potentially dangerous pathogen.

Several of these migrant arrivals were directed into blue biohazard tents, and at least four individuals had to be transported off Border Force vessels in wheelchairs. Images published by Infowars depicted UK health workers clad in white hazmat suits congregating around these makeshift tents positioned along Dover Harbour. GBNews, on the other hand, reported that they observed the unloading of “dozens of people” from Border Force catamarans, escorting them into an impromptu quarantine zone.

The UK Home Office released a statement explaining the situation: “Precautionary measures, such as staff wearing protective clothing and enhanced cleaning, were implemented in accordance with the guidance provided by the UK Health and Safety Agency, in response to reports of some small boat arrivals showing signs of illness.” The statement also clarified that these actions were part of a routine response, with established protocols developed in collaboration with the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA).

Nonetheless, the UK authorities’ reluctance to disclose the specific health conditions of the migrants has led to speculation that they may be infected with the deadly Nipah virus, which has recently emerged in India with a staggering fatality rate of 75%. This speculation gained traction when former parliamentary candidate Jim Ferguson raised concerns on Twitter, questioning whether the deployment of the tents was somehow related to the Nipah virus. He stated, “It’s unclear at this stage what has prompted this; however, there are breaking reports of a deadly virus identified in India called Nipah with a kill rate of 75%, which has caused global concern.”

The timing of the tents being set up in Dover coincided with reports from India regarding the outbreak of Nipah, a virus for which there is currently no known cure.

Hot take: In a world full of uncertainty, one thing’s for sure – hazmat fashion is the new black.

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