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Are Cancelling Mother’s Day and Father’s Day in Schools Inclusive or Discriminatory?

The celebrations of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day at a high school in Manitoba have been formally canceled for this year due to concerns about inclusivity. This decision has made national headlines. The decision has been met with opposition and criticism from a wide variety of people and groups.

The school is encouraging pupils to participate in activities that are not particular to either gender as an alternative to these more conventional observances. In this essay, we will investigate the decision made by the school, as well as the ramifications that this decision bears and the reactions that it has provoked.

The Memorandum, as well as the Change to Inclusivity

Kildonan East Collegiate, a public high school located in the provincial capital of Manitoba, has announced that it will no longer celebrate Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, as stated in a message that was penned by the vice-principal of the school. In the message, it is said that the school is moving away from particular traditions and putting more of an emphasis on how important it is to celebrate all of the individuals who make up the community. Instead, students are increasingly making their own greeting cards and crafts with personalized inscriptions, which cultivates thankfulness in a manner that is more genuine and organic. The school has set out to foster a culture that is more welcoming to all people.

Discrimination and inconsistent application of the law

Critics contend that the choice made by the school involves discrimination against pupils who come from families in which both the mother and the father are biologically present. Because the school does not take into account the celebrations of these families, it does not practice inclusive education in its entirety. This action raises issues about the school’s commitment to non-discrimination, particularly considering that it continues to conduct Indigenous festivals that also promote “LGBT/Two-Spirit People,” despite the fact that not all students are Indigenous.

Reactions as well as Points of View

Jack Fonseca, a representative for the Campaign Life Coalition, voiced his grave worry about the decision to cancel Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. He saw it as an assault on moms, depriving them of the affection and admiration that they are entitled to have in their lives. Fonseca is of the opinion that throughout history, people have always set aside certain days to celebrate mothers, and that the choice made by the school is an affront to all moms. He goes on to suggest that this decision is a reflection of the bad implications that have resulted from the legalization of marriage between people of the same sexual orientation.

Fonseca links the legalization of same-sex marriage to a variety of societal shifts, such as the expansion of explicit LGBTQ+ resources in schools, the repression of Christian companies, and surgical and pharmacological therapies for youngsters who struggle with gender dysphoria. He thinks that the powerful LGBT lobby is the driving force behind the school’s decision to eliminate these traditional festivals because the school is afraid of being labeled as “homophobic” or “hateful” by the LGBT lobby.

The Broader Perspective

It is not an unusual event that the decision was made to cancel Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebrations. In the past, actions quite similar to this one have been taken, which reflects a developing tendency. The holidays were replaced at an elementary school in British Columbia with a newly created celebration named “The Grownups Who Love Us Day” in an effort to better accommodate the school’s diverse student body and their families. In a similar vein, the Waterloo Region District School Board in the Canadian province of Ontario considered the traditional holidays to be exclusionary and proposed shifting the emphasis to “parent,” “caregiver,” or “special person.”

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