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It would appear that Joe Biden has reversed his position on his threats to Americans and supporters of Donald Trump, as he recently stated that he does not believe fans of his immediate predecessor to be a danger to the country.

Biden told journalists at the White House that he does not think any Trump fan to be a danger to the nation. “I don’t believe any Trump fan to be a danger to the nation,” Biden said. “Anyone who keeps calling for the use of violent action fails to condemn the violence when it is used, refuses to recognize a presidential race has been won and continues to insist on modifying the manner that you count the votes, that is a danger to democracy,” is how I see it. “I do think anybody who calls for the usage of violence, keeps failing to condemn violence if it is used, refuses to recognize an election has been won and refuses to acknowledge

This response was a vast contrast from the political rhetoric which Biden has been using in recent days, including a blistering speech that he gave on Thursday evening at Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, the same location in which the Declaration was signed in 1776. He said that “MAGA forces,” which refers to President Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again,” constitute an imminent crisis to democratic institutions in the United States.

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