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Whistleblower Arrested for Exposing Alleged COVID-19 Vaccine Deaths, but Data Lives On

A recent data leak that shows just how damaging COVID-19 vaccines are to human health has sent New Zealand authorities into damage control mode.

Barry Young, a 56-year-old former IT employee of Te Whatu Ora, New Zealand’s health agency, has been arrested for allegedly accessing and sharing unauthorized COVID-19 vaccine data belonging to the government. He faces a potential prison sentence of seven years for the leak.

The data he shared appeared to show that COVID-19 vaccines have killed more than 10 million people around the world, killing roughly one person for every 1000 doses administered, on average. He provided the data to New Zealand journalist Lisa Gunn and the American tech millionaire Steve Kirsch, who writes about COVID-19 vaccines and other topics on Substack. Both individuals have said that they believe the data proves the vaccines are killing massive numbers of people.

Young is currently facing a single charge of illegally accessing the health authority’s databases and has yet to enter a plea. His supporters were so vociferous in their support that the judge felt compelled to caution them against disrupting the proceedings, warning that they would be asked to leave if they failed to maintain order in the courtroom.

Anyone who hosts leaked data could lose everything on their server

While the New Zealand court system tries to silence Young, a vaccine watchdog group in the country has warned that anyone who is currently hosting the data he shared online could lose everything that they have on their server.

The group recounted how American genomics expert Kevin McKernan discovered that his entire MEGA account was suddenly closed. His account appears to have been deleted in response to an injunction from the New Zealand Ministry of Health to prevent the sharing of the data that was leaked by Young; he had reportedly mirrored Kirsch’s data on his server to make it easier for people to download and make their own analysis.

In addition to hosting the leaked data, he also had important medical genome and vaccine sequencing data on his server that is valued at around $200,000. McKernan has been one of the top scientists studying DNA contamination in the mRNA vaccines released by Pfizer and Moderna, and he has now lost all of his valuable sequencing data.

Meanwhile, Kirsch reported that Wasabi, the site where he hosted the whistleblower data, closed his account without notice.

The attempt to track down individuals hosting such information may appear futile, as the data has already been disseminated across a vast network of servers on the dark web, making it virtually indestructible. No matter how hard authorities try to eradicate it, the information will persist, existing on numerous servers and ensuring its perpetuity.

Recently, Young made an appearance on Infowars, a popular conspiracy theory podcast hosted by Alex Jones. During the interview, Young elaborated on his descision to reveal the information, providing Jones with his thought process behind the move.

“After analyzing the data, I was taken aback by the stark reality that emerged. The rollout had led to an alarming increase in avoidable fatalities, which was plain to see. It was a shocking and disturbing trend that couldn’t be ignored.”

He added that he has been suspicious about the safety of the vaccines since they were initially rolled out during the height of the pandemic and said that he observed what he considered “really big red flags” in the data he looked at, such as a higher number of deaths caused by the vaccine in New Zealand than the figures the health agency released indicated.

He urged others to carefully examine the issue and consider its implications. He believed that a thorough investigation, preferably conducted by the government, would help shed light on the matter and increase public awareness.

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