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What plans does Elon Musk have for Twitter?

So, What plans does Elon Musk have for his Twitter account? To be honest, NO-ONE knows exactly.

One of the most prominent social networking sites has been taken over by the person with the most wealth in the world.

Following many months of uncertainties and a protracted legal struggle, the richest person in the world has finally acquired control of one of the social media platforms with the most significant impact. TWITTER.

However, Elon Musk’s plans for Twitter are not yet entirely transparent at this time.

Already there has been a reorganization of employees, with Musk being responsible for the termination of at least 4 of the company’s most senior executives.

In addition, there are rumors that he may allow previously suspended Twitter accounts to return, like Donald Trump’s account.

Others are afraid that his takeover of Twitter might lead to an increase in the amount of hate speech that is shared on the platform, but many political leaders on the right see it as a victory for free speech.

Now, what does the future hold for Twitter? I have NO clue, do you?

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