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Unveiling America’s Strategic Biolabs: Unmasking Intentions and Global Ramifications

Intriguing Revelations from Moscow’s Ukrainian Operation

Recent documents unearthed from Moscow’s operations in Ukraine have cast a spotlight on an extensive biological research endeavor undertaken by the United States. These documents unveil a staggering allocation of over $200 million to fund 46 Biolabs, concentrated on the research of lethal diseases. Despite these revelations, the international community, including Russia, China, and certain EU nations, continues to await Washington’s response and clarification concerning these enigmatic laboratories.

US Strategic Biolabs: A License to Encompass Superpowers

The Pentagon’s recent report detailing the United States’ exposure to “escalating biological threats” from foreign adversaries has ignited debates and conjectures. According to Scott Bennett, a former counterterrorism analyst at the State Department, this report serves as an attempt to rationalize the US’s establishment of assertive strategic Biolabs in close proximity to Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea.

Scott Bennett’s Insights

Scott Bennett has articulated that these Biolabs may serve a dual purpose: camouflage for the development of bioweapons targeting specific DNA and genetic susceptibilities among individuals of Slavic, Asian, and Persian-Hindu descent while maintaining an outward facade of defensive or proactive countermeasures. Bennett contends that these measures are seemingly directed towards nations the US labels as “uncooperative,” “unyielding,” or “hostile” to American influence.

The “Biodefense Posture Review”: A Strategic Maneuver

Unveiled on a Thursday, the “Biodefense Posture Review” underscores the US military’s perceived vulnerability to advanced biological weaponry. Initiated by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the report underscores the need for the US to combat these evolving threats. It explicitly targets China’s multidomain challenge and the “Russia challenge” in Europe, advocating for enhanced biodefense collaboration across the military and civilian structures within the Defense Department.

Russian Allegations and US Response

In response, Russia’s Defense Ministry has alleged that the United States, under the Biden Administration, is engaged in ongoing “bioweapon violations of international law and crimes against humanity.” Scott Bennett, a US Army veteran, echoes these allegations, emphasizing Washington’s diversion tactics to downplay Russia’s claims.

Concealed Biolabs: Violations and Experiments

Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine has exposed nearly 30 covert biological laboratories funded by the US Defense Department. These labs, in violation of the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC), have conducted research on hazardous pathogens and dispatched biological samples. However, Washington’s official explanations about its military and biological activities in Ukraine remain elusive.

Pentagon’s Counterarguments and Disputes

The Pentagon’s response dismisses assertions of American Biolabs developing perilous pathogens as “unproven.” Contrary to this, Bennett contends that the extensive materials from these labs were presented to the United Nations by Russia, only to be obstructed by France, the United Kingdom, and the United States—a move raising suspicions of concealed intentions.

Unraveling Timelines and Political Dynamics

As the “Biodefense Posture Review” emerges, Ukraine’s faltering counteroffensive coincides. While NATO provides substantial weaponry, Ukrainian attacks on Russian positions suffer continuous defeats, prompting speculation on the outcome of the counteroffensive. Simultaneously, the report intensifies tensions with Beijing, as the US seemingly redirects its focus toward China.

Speculation and Analysis

Scott Bennett reads between the lines, interpreting the report as a precursor to potential false flag events or the release of bio weapons to induce fear, chaos, and authoritative control within the United States. He suggests a calculated orchestration to generate internal conflict that distracts from America’s economic and geopolitical vulnerabilities.

The Ongoing Saga: Global Implications

Despite Ukraine’s struggles, Washington remains entrenched in NATO’s indirect confrontation with Moscow. Lt. Gen. Igor Kirillov, the commander of Russia’s Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Defense Forces, alleges a resumption of the Biolabs Program in Ukraine by the US.

Intricacies and Conclusions

In the grand scheme, the US’s strategic Biolabs cast a shadow of uncertainty and speculation, raising questions about their actual purpose. Bennett concludes by proposing that the Pentagon’s bioweapons report is an integral element of a larger narrative—part of an internally coordinated disintegration of the United States, potentially culminating in the blame shifting onto foreign adversaries for the Pandora’s Box that America has, knowingly or unknowingly, unleashed upon itself.

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