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Uncovering the Clinton Foundation’s Controversial Clinton Foundation

In a recent revelation, seasoned fraud investigator Charles Ortel has shed light on the Clinton Foundation’s latest endeavor, a project aimed at garnering public donations ostensibly for the purpose of “rebuilding Ukraine.” Ortel’s scathing assessment suggests that this initiative is merely the latest installment in a brazen attempt to exploit the generosity of “well-intentioned individuals.”

The Clinton Global Initiative’s Ukraine Action Network (UAN)

Last week, the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), a subsidiary of the Clinton Foundation, unveiled the Ukraine Action Network (UAN), presenting it as a vehicle for delivering “ongoing humanitarian assistance to the people of Ukraine.” This network is an extension of an effort initiated last year by former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Ukrainian First Lady Olena Zelenskaya, aimed at uniting various nonprofit organizations funneling financial resources into Eastern Europe.

CGI’s Revival and New Projects

The CGI’s resurgence in the philanthropic landscape came about after a five-year hiatus, prompted by dire financial straits following Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential election defeat to Donald Trump, which resulted in a nearly complete cessation of donations. Last year marked the introduction of dozens of new projects under the CGI banner, including a substantial $1 billion initiative by, a charitable organization co-founded by actor Matt Damon, with the noble objective of providing water and sanitation access to 100 million individuals across Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Allegations and Controversies Surrounding the Clinton Foundation

The Clinton Foundation, established as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) entity in 2001 after former U.S. President Bill Clinton’s tenure, has faced a slew of allegations over the years, including claims of corruption, bribery, and other dubious schemes. Notably, despite the persistent accusations, no federal legal probes have resulted in formal charges against the Foundation.

Charles Ortel, a former investor and an expert in charity fraud, contends that the very foundation of the Clinton Foundation is tainted by fraudulence, emblematic of numerous counterfeit philanthropic endeavors within the murky world of charity. Ortel explains that the Clinton Foundation failed to meet essential prerequisites for a legitimate tax-exempt public charity, such as proper organization with articles of incorporation and bylaws, along with registration in every jurisdiction where it solicits donations or conducts business.

Critical Lack of Accountability

Ortel further reveals that the Foundation failed to register in New York until 2009, despite hosting meetings since 2005 and boasting about fundraising efforts. He asserts that the audits ostensibly performed on the Clinton Foundation and its various offshoots are fraudulent and do not meet the stringent requirements for legitimate financial audits.

Elusive Accountability

Ortel suggests that the Clinton Foundation has managed to elude legal repercussions primarily due to its proximity to New York City, New York State, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and the protection it receives from the Biden Justice Department. This insulation has effectively shielded the Clintons and the Foundation’s trustees from facing the rigorous requirements that other entities have had to meet.

Challenges of Rebuilding Ukraine

Regarding CGI’s Ukraine initiative, Ortel expresses skepticism about the feasibility of soliciting private investments for a country ravaged by an 18-month-long conflict with Russia. He notes that investors seeking returns on their capital are unlikely to invest in a nation devastated by conflict.

The Mass Delusion of Endorsement

Ortel highlights the CGI’s success in evading scrutiny by garnering endorsements from celebrities, journalists, and politicians. He contends that a collective “mass delusion” among influential figures, spanning from former Democratic U.S. President Barack Obama to former Republican U.S. First Lady Laura Bush to Australian conservative media mogul Rupert Murdoch, has contributed to the Initiative’s unchecked growth.

Fake Charities and Misleading Offerings

Ortel’s concerns extend to the CGI’s Ukraine project, suggesting that it potentially violates numerous laws. He argues that offering investments in a charity that fails to disclose the Clinton family’s illicit control over a public charity constitutes a breach of legal standards. Private foundations, like the Gates Foundation, may be family-controlled, but public charities must be governed by a representative body, such as a board of directors or trustees. Ortel accuses the Clintons of attempting to illegitimately vest control in themselves, a move strictly forbidden by law. Furthermore, he accuses the Foundation of failing to report necessary paperwork properly, which would have disclosed their control in New York and other jurisdictions.

Speculation on the Use of Donations

When questioned about the fate of donations designated for Ukraine’s reconstruction, Ortel speculates that they could be misappropriated. He suggests a scenario where donors receive a slip of paper indicating a larger contribution than they actually made, enabling them to claim greater tax deductions. This, he believes, maybe a common practice in the world of deceitful charities.

Vulnerable Donors and Lack of Due Diligence

Ortel cautions that many well-meaning individuals worldwide donate to charities endorsed by celebrities and politicians without conducting proper due diligence. He notes that these donors are often swayed by influential figures who fail to scrutinize these organizations adequately. Consequently, fraudsters exploit this lack of oversight, diverting funds for nefarious purposes.

In conclusion, Charles Ortel’s revelations cast a shadow over the Clinton Foundation’s Ukraine initiative, raising serious questions about its legitimacy and the transparency of its operations. While these claims remain allegations, they underscore the importance of exercising caution when contributing to charitable organizations, especially those with high-profile endorsements.

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