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The Difference Between the Common cold and Omicron

The Cold and Omicron

How can we tell the Difference Between the Common cold and Omicron? Here is that answer, since the Omicron variation of the coronavirus appears to be the dominant strain in the united state of America and Canada, showing up at a time when the flu virus and colds are taking off.

So, is there a way to differentiate between the 2?

Doctor Lisa Barrett, a contagious illnesses expert at the Dalhousie institution in Halifax, told Yahoo that it’s difficult to differentiate Omicron signs and symptoms from the cold or seasonal Flu.

The only COVID-19 signs and symptoms that do not appear with a common cold are lack of smell, she said, however, that’s not really a “helpful or reliable method to separate between the 2.”

That’s the reason that self-diagnosis is never a risk-free alternative to learning if anyone has Omicron or COVID-19. Obtaining a COVID-19 test is actually the most effective method to know for sure.

Omicron Likely Picked Up Genetic Material From Common Cold Virus: Study
Testing for Omicron

The Omicron variation will look more like the cold due to the fact that it most likely obtained a mutation from a fragment of the genetic component which is typically located in the acute rhinitis, based on Reuters.


Covid 19 Is Missing and we can’t find it

Research workers released a study in very early December on OSF — these experts discovered that the Omicron, as well as the Flu, and the common cold, have very similar hereditary make-ups, producing signs and symptoms that are identical.

The PCR test can NOT distinguish between them either, so why do our political leaders continue to use this flawed test?

Our staff called over 140 Testing centers in Canada and the United States, they were asked, What test do you use or have that distinguished a Variant”?

They ALL all responded the same way, “There is NO such Test”

“All the PCR test will tell you is whether you test positive for COVID-19, but it doesn’t specify. It is not sophisticated enough to tell you specific variants of the virus,” Erich Fogg, director of walk-in services and COVID-19 testing for York Hospital in Maine, told WMTW, an ABC News affiliate TV station.

The CDC Fraud Exposed

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