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Tennis Great Novak Djokovic was Turned Away From the United States Due to Vaccination Status

Due to his lack of immunization, Novak Djokovic, the reigning tennis champion of Serbia and the number one player in the world, has been forced to withdraw from the forthcoming BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells as well as the Miami Open. Despite Djokovic’s plea for a special dispensation to compete in the events, he was not granted permission to enter the United States without having been vaccinated. This is due to the fact that the United States requires all visitors to be immunized.

The Department of Homeland Security did not grant the appeal.

Djokovic has asked for a vaccination exemption in advance of April, which is when the limitations are scheduled to be lifted. But, the Department of Homeland Security would not grant his request for a hearing. Yet, despite the fact that Djokovic is “literally the healthiest guy in the world,” he was not granted a waiver on the basis of this fact.

Florida Senators Rick Scott and Marco Rubio have shown their support for Novak Djokovic and have urged their colleagues in Congress to overturn what they refer to as Joe Biden’s “bogus vaccination requirement.” In a letter, the Senators wrote, “We write to urge you to grant the requested waiver, which is necessary to allow Mr. Djokovic to compete in the Miami Open professional tennis tournament held in our home state of Florida beginning March 19, 2023.” The Miami Open is a professional tennis tournament that will be held in our home state of Florida beginning March 19, 2023.

Out of date and deserving of being discarded

This is continued in the letter, “In light of these shifting conditions, as well as admissions made by you and other members of your administration, the current restrictive vaccine mandate that you have maintained for international travelers entering the United States appears to be out of date and should be revoked. Mr. Djokovic is an athlete of a world-class caliber who is at the pinnacle of his physical condition and does not pose a significant threat to serious problems due to COVID-19. To deny him the permission that he asks in order for him to be able to travel to the United States in order to compete in a professional tournament appears not only unreasonable but also out of step with the ideas that your own administration holds.”


The scenario with Djokovic shines a focus on the difficulties that players are facing in the midst of the current epidemic. Due to the fact that he was not granted permission to visit the United States despite his plea for a vaccination waiver, he was forced to withdraw from two big competitions. Because of the backing of Florida Senators Rick Scott and Marco Rubio, awareness of the matter has increased, and conversations about the limits put on foreign passengers have begun. It is still unknown whether or not Djokovic will be given a waiver in order to compete in the Miami Open. If he is, we can expect to see him there.

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