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People Believe Getting Cancer Is a Result Of Genetics or Poor Luck

Incredibly, billions of People Believe Getting Cancer Is a Result Of Genetics or Poor Luck. Then they think that surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments are their only options for addressing it.

The most disastrous mistake they could ever make is that they can prevent cancer if they eliminate chemicals and recognized carcinogens from their daily intake, including what they ingest orally, topically, or through breathing.

There is, however, a lot more to it than that, and today, if you don’t know the top eight causes of cancer that aren’t usually on the horizon of health advocates, you could be moving in a negative direction that you could stop right away. How will you move ahead? Since knowledge is power, jump in without hesitation and take some action.

Cancer targets weakened tissue, and the COVID-19 “vaccines”‘ toxic spike proteins restrict the amount of blood, oxygen, and nutrition which enter organs and cells.

The most effective way to describe cancer is as an unchecked proliferation of altered cells that target normal tissue and damage organs.

Millions of hazardous, virus-like, spike protein prions are produced by the COVID-19 mRNA infusions and travel throughout the vascular system, clogging arteries and veins and depleting all organs of oxygen and nutrients. This is the perfect scenario for cancer cells to proliferate and gain ownership.

Similar to blood or lymph cancer, but also defined by spike protein syndrome. When you combine it with a variety of other ways that cancer is affecting people, such as those who have filtered out some recognized cancer-causing agents, you have an exponentially catapulted cancer problem that has been currently occurring all over the earth.

Did a person you knew develop cancer, receive the “best care possible” at the “top cancer center” in the area, and then fade away from the illness? What’s this? Quite likely, the chemotherapy caused their demise. Chemo, comparable to spike proteins from Fauci Flu shots, spreads cancer and induces the formation of new malignancies all through the body.

Your skin is your largest organ, did you know that? Why then do most conventional cosmetics, sunblock creams, bug repellent spray, hair dyes (that would go to your head), fragrances, aftershaves, antiperspirants, personal care products, lip balm, powders (talc), and lotions include cancer-causing additives? Yes, keep an eye out for stuff like sodium laurel sulfate, benzene, paraben, triclosan, coal tar, ethylene oxide, toxic metals, arsenic, or urea (animal pee).

Are you bent over your cellphone for several minutes or perhaps a few hours? Stop. Since the unclean energy is linked to cancer, especially leukemia, neurological disorders, and breast cancer, at least turn it on speakerphone or even use Bluetooth. Individuals are now being subjected to an increasing number of EMFs daily. Beware.

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