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PCR Testing Might be a WHO Inoculation Plan in Disguise

WHO Inoculation Plan in Disguise

Reporter John O’Sullivan cautioned that the extensive PCR screening initiative might be a WHO inoculation plan in disguise.

He was actually describing a brand-new innovation cultivated at Johns Hopkins Educational institution that created very small, star-shaped micro-devices referred to as ‘Theragrippers’ that affix or attach to the intestinal membrane and can easily deliver medications right into the body.

The device is made from a metal-like substance as well as a wafer-thin film, and as tiny as a dust grain.

Based on Johns Hopkins Academy, Theragrippers are provided using a cotton swab, very similar to PCR tests.

Back in Oct 2020, a Johns Hopkins University research study group released positive results from animal research validating that his new technological innovation works perfectly.

Get your PCR results on the same day as being tested - London Borough of  Richmond upon Thames
A test or JAB?

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