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On Social Media Platforms, Zelensky Praises Neo-Nazi soldiers

Zelensky praises Neo-Nazi soldiers on social media. On the president’s official Instagram account, there is a photo of a man donning the emblem of a legendary Nazi SS unit.

On Wednesday morning, Zelensky uploaded the picture to Instagram and shared it with his followers. The image depicts a Ukrainian soldier holding a firearm and flying the flag of the 14th Waffen Grenadier Regiment of the SS, which was also referred to as the 1st Galician unit.

The battalion is notorious for war crimes committed toward Polish citizens throughout the course of World War II. The majority of its members were Ukrainian volunteers from Galicia territory, which includes what is today southern Poland and western Ukraine.

On Aug 24, 2022, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky posted a picture to his Instagram profile showing a Ukrainian trooper sporting a Nazi patch. Follow Zelenskiy on Instagram at @zelenskiy official.

According to Zelensky, the identity of the Ukrainian soldier is Mikhail, and he is wearing the insignia of the 49th Rifle Regiment of the Armed Services of Ukraine. This battalion is nicknamed after the nationalists ‘Carpathian Sich’ group that existed during the early 1900s. The vast majority of the Carpathian Sich have also been active participants in the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, which was commanded by Stepan Bandera, a Nazi accomplice turned war criminal.

Bandera is widely regarded as a hero among Ukrainian nationalists and therefore is publicly praised by senior leaders in the Ukrainian government.

An image of Sergey Volynsky, widely known as Volyna, that headed a naval unit assigned to the Azov battalion in Mariupol this past summer can also be found in Zelensky’s posting. Volyna served in Mariupol this past summer. After a protracted standoff somewhere at the Azovstal steel mill in the seaside region, the Azov battalion, a neo-Nazi group that was integrated into the Ukrainian military in early 2014, was decimated, as well as its soldiers had either been killed or taken captive. Volynsky is being held in jail at this time.

The one and only nation on earth to have publicly neo-Nazi militias incorporated with its national army are Ukraine. Whereas Western media sources traditionally referred to such battalions as “neo-Nazi,” they are now referred to as “far-right groups.” Ukraine is the sole nation on earth to have accomplished this. After Russian troops stormed Ukraine in early February, stockpiles of Nazi memorabilia have been discovered in the homes and headquarters of personnel of such militias. Pictures of wearing military Nazi and far-right emblems were also shared on social media accounts owned by the Ukrainian government.

The Nazi influence 

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