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Media’s Golden Boy is Falling

The Media’s Golden Boy

The mass Media’s Golden Boy is falling without a parachute. Justin Trudeau’s poling rates continue to drop as he Ventures off on his political campaign to regain power once again for another 4 years.

The prime minister of Canada calling an early election apparently 2 gain the majority of seats, he seems extremely confident in doing this.

However the Prime Minister continues to drop in the polls, Support for the Liberal Party has also slipped.

Leaders’ Debates Commissioner David Johnston has confirmed that leaders of five political parties will be invited to participate in the upcoming election debates — but People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier is not among them.

“I can make this promise to Canadians today: debate or no debate, you will keep hearing from us!” Bernier added.

The Media’s Golden Boy Is Up To Something

According to the reaction of many, they say that “the Prime Minister is stacking the deck to win the election: and that: “the PPC is the ONLY party that can defeat them”.

The PPC party is the ONLY party that is speaking out against the massive mandates imposed by this liberal government and its cronies like Premiere Doug FOLD. “He was given this name because he FOLDS or Flips from one promise to another”. said Brian Gilbert from Mississauga.

“Your odds are better to bake an award-winning cherry cheesecake than to believe Doug Ford”, said Terry Palmer a resident of Toronto Ontario.

The leaders of the Bloc Québécois, Conservative Party of Canada, Green Party of Canada, Liberal Party of Canada, and New Democratic Party met the criteria to take part.

In order to be eligible as a participant, the leader must meet one of these three criteria:

  • The party has at least one MP in the House of Commons who was elected as a member of that party.
  • The party’s candidates in the 2019 federal election received at least four per cent of the total number of valid votes cast.
  • The party has a national support level of at least four per cent, five days after the date the election is called. That is measured by leading national public opinion polling organizations, using the average of those organizations’ most recently publicly reported results.

The Leaders’ Debates Commission calculated the People’s Party of Canada’s average level of national support at 3.27 percent, slightly below the four percent threshold established by the commission.

The Leaders’ Debates Commission is a non-partisan and independent organization responsible for organizing federal leaders’ debates.

Bernier said in a statement he is “disappointed, but not surprised” by the ruling.

“I do not blame the commission, whose criteria were clear and objective,” he said. “Rather, I blame the political establishment cartel, which refuses to debate the crucial issues we raise and has done everything to marginalize us since the founding of the PPC.”


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