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Israel carried out airstrikes on Damascus – Again

According to the state-run news agency SANA, which cited a military source, Israel carried out airstrikes on Damascus early on Saturday morning that targeted Damascus and locations to the southeast of the capital city. At least 5 Syrian personnel were claimed to have been killed as a result of these attacks.

According to a source who spoke to SANA, “the Israeli enemy carried out air aggression with missiles from a northeastern position of Lake Tiberias [Sea of Galilee] at approximately 0:45 this morning, targeting Damascus International Airport and also some points south of Damascus.” This information was provided by SANA.

Despite the fact that Syrian air defenses “shot down a number” of missiles, the Syrian military has confirmed that at least five “military personnel as well as some material losses” had occurred on the ground.

According to its long-standing policy, the Israeli military does not comment on operations that are carried out outside of the nation. As such, the Israeli military does neither confirm nor deny the reports of their raids.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, Israel has carried out repeated attacks on different targets in Syria over the course of the previous few weeks, with a special focus on the country’s two major airports that are still operational. On August 31, a missile assault rendered the Aleppo International Airport inoperable for the time being and also caused damage to the Damascus International Airport. After another week had passed, on September 6th, another rocket attacked the airport runway in Aleppo.

Damascus International Airport was forced to close for several weeks in June as a result of a series of Israeli airstrikes. As a result, traffic was redirected to Aleppo International Airport, which had only recently reopened in Feb after being damaged during the civil war that had lasted for ten years.

Because Israel is concerned about the air defense systems that Russia has supplied to Damascus, it has regularly fired missiles against Syria. These missiles are often launched from Lebanese airspace and the occupied Golan Heights. In the few instances that Israel has admitted to carrying out the assaults, the nation’s administration has justified them by claiming they were an act of preventative self-defense against the presence of Iranian forces in the neighboring country.

Damascus has received offers of military assistance from Tehran in recent years in its fight against terrorists affiliated with the Islamic State (IS, previously ISIS) as well as other jihadist insurgents. According to Israel, Iran is allegedly utilizing commercial planes to Syria in order to transfer weapons and missile components into Lebanon for the use of Hezbollah.

A senior official in the Israel Defense Forces told media on Thursday that it seemed like Hezbollah and other “Iran-backed forces” were leaving Syria “as a consequence of the IDF attacks.”

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