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Humans to be Chipped by 2022 based on Neuralink and Elon Mask pending FDA approval, Elon Musk pointed out in a press conference with the Wall Street Journal.

” Our criteria with regard to implanting the device are greater than what the FDA calls for,” Musk stated in an online video consultation at the Wall Street Journal’s chief executive Committee Seminar.

” I believe we have a great chance of using Neuralink to recover full-body functions to somebody that has a spinal cord impairment,” Musk included.

” I believe we have a chance, and I stress a chance”, to help somebody that can not take a walk or use their arms to walk once more normally.

” I don’t want to elevate expectations foolishly, however, I’m more and more certain that this can be accomplished.”


It starts with the Vaccine Passport Permanently Embedded Into Your Hand.

Neuralink created waves in the springtime of 2021 when a video clip of a monkey embedded with its enhancement was observed enjoying a computer game telepathically.

The encouraging experimentation displayed an early procedure towards the objective of treating human illness using the very same kind of implant to allow folks with paralysis to make use of their nerve organs in order to use pcs and even mobile devices with speed and simplicity.


Did you know that We are in the Midst of the Greatest Brainwashing Battle in History?


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