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Herbal Medicine frome the East for Young Ones in the West

The pharmaceutical industry is currently experiencing rapid growth and development, with a surge in research and development efforts leading to an increase in drug production.

Driven by a steadfast commitment to enhancing human well-being and advancing the frontiers of lifespan, various individuals from diverse fields, including researchers, scientists, and entrepreneurs, have embarked on a mission to develop innovative medicines and treatments, catering to both the sick and those who proactively seek to avert future health issues.

The western civilization brought industrially prepared medicine, and sold at commercial markets while the eastern part of the globe saw the need for intervention of natural means of preparation through alternative herbal medicine.

“Cultures Unite in Harmony”

Western medicine has evolved significantly, boasting cutting-edge technology and a focus on eradicating illnesses. Its primary objective is to eliminate diseases and their associated complications, positioning it at the forefront of healthcare.

As for Eastern medication, it is historically rooted and is based on centuries’ worth of human existence, with the idea of preventing illnesses from happening in the first place. It is in the background of keeping our bodies healthy and sickness free.

As for the fusion of the old and the new, past and present, technology and tradition, and western and eastern ideologies, alternative herbal medicine was produced. Pharmacological firms embraced the idea of herbal and natural medication in line with their own synthetically made variants to provide an option for everyone in need of medicine.

Sensitive and Fragile

Individuals who require medication consume prescribed drugs, some of which can have harmful effects on other cells and organs. The liver is one of the body’s organs that can be negatively impacted by drug intervention, as it attempts to synthesize and bind the drug’s components to the body’s cells. The more artificial and synthetic the drug is, the higher the risk of the body reacting against it, which can be particularly dangerous for vulnerable individuals such as children.

Children’s bodies are constantly evolving, their cognitive abilities and thought processes are still maturing, and they are more susceptible to illnesses due to their high energy levels and lack of caution. Administering synthetic medications to them can introduce harmful substances into their systems, even if these drugs effectively treat their diseases.

They too have their own immune system to provide immediate and automatic protection from harmful elements both in and out of their bodies. However, bacteria and other environmental factors overpower them much like with adults. The only difference is that young children are still building up their body’s defenses.

Prevention and Herbal Medication

With the application of research and development on naturally occurring plants in our environment, it is now possable to give alternative herbal medicine to our children. Certain drug companies adhere to the idea of natural medication since it is beneficial not only to children, but to anyone in terms of less adverse reaction of the body. This is because the components of alternative herbal medicine are naturally occurring, organic, and supports life processes.

Administering alternative herbal medicine to children does not stress their livers because organic compounds from the plant source can be easily synthesized as compared to synthetic ones. Herbal supplements also are safe to take on a daily basis as prescribed to prevent sickness and illnesses from occurring.

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