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Exposing the Truth about Pizzagate: FBI Affirms Active Investigation into Prominent Child Abuse Syndicate.

This week, the FBI made a notable announcement affirming the truth of ‘Pizzagate,’ bringing attention to a group of influential individuals involved in child exploitation and their connections to well-known public figures. The FBI’s recognition comes after several arrests of individuals linked to Pizzagate, who had previously dismissed the allegations as unfounded conspiracy theories.

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New Arrest Made and Shocking Discoveries Unveiled

Clint Harnden, who was previously associated with Texas A&M, and is the latest person connected to Pizzagate, was apprehended this month on allegations of possessing child pornography. Surprisingly, the FBI disclosed that Harnden used the term “pizza” as a hidden code in online discussions related to exploiting children.

Clint Harnden’s Apprehension and Judicial Processes

Clint Harnden, employed at Texas A&M, was apprehended on child pornography charges, as reported by His attorney disclosed that Texas A&M permitted Harnden to continue work remotely, even amidst the legal proceedings.

“Court Cases and Shocking Truths”

At a federal courtroom in HOuston, Clinton Harnden from College Station appeared for a court hearing regarding his involvement in acquiring and having child pornography. Harnden was apprehended by the FBI on November 11th at his residence in College Station, and as a result, he is now under strict conditions such as being on house arrest at a family member’s home, wearing an ankle monitor, facing restrictions on travel, and being prohibited from contacting minors or using the internet except for work-related matters.

Workplace Structure and Disturbing Results

Critical details emerged during the legal discourse, where Harnden’s lawyer elaborated on his professional association with Texas A&M’s Engineering Experiment Station. Statements revealed that accommodations were made to facilitate Harnden’s remote work and utilization of accrued vacation days while in custody. However, sources from Texas A&M contradicted this, stating Harnden had not engaged in remote work post-arrest but had been on vacation leave.

Alarming Affidavit Discloses

The FBI affidavit, written by a skilled agent assigned to the case, explores distressing details about Harnden’s apprehension. The report reveals unsettling quotes from Harnden’s internet actions, emphasizing the explicit and disturbing nature of the material he accessed and and shared.

Decoding the Affidavit

An investigation was conducted into Harnden’s Tumblr account, which was registered under the username “ATXAGGIE2007,” and it revealed several posts and interactions that made reference to sexually explicit content, including material that involved child sexual abuse. In one of the posts, Harnden used the term “pizza” as a euphemism for this type of content, asking if anyone was giving it awya for free that day.

Rising Concerns and Law Enforcement Efforts

Instances of such despicable activities within educational institutions prompt reflection on the prevalence and the efficacy of law enforcement in combatting these malevolent forces.

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