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Devastating 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake strikes Turkey and Syria, leaving Thousands Dead and Injured

On February 6th, a powerful earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale rocked the border area between Turkey and Syria, inflicting significant destruction.

As of this writing, the total number of fatalities has reached 8,364, with 2,470 people have lost their lives in Syria and 5,894 in Turkey. However, experts from the World Health Organization believe that the death toll may grow, since they estimate that up to 20,000 people may have perished as a result of the outbreak. According to CNN, there were over 60 aftershocks registered following the first earthquake, and one of them had a major magnitude of 7.5. These aftershocks contributed significantly to the intensity of the earthquake.

Over 8,000 people have been pulled from the rubble in Turkey, according to Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay, who made the announcement. Approximately 380,000 people have sought sanctuary in hotels or shelters provided by the government, while others have sought safety in places such as shopping malls, stadiums, mosques, and community centers. According to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of Turkey, an estimated 3,400 individuals took sanctuary overnight aboard trains that were being used as emergency lodging. During this time, Turkey’s Agency for Disaster Management received 11,342 reports of structures that had fallen, of which 5,775 were confirmed. The impacted regions are being searched by more than 24,400 search and rescue professionals who have been dispatched there.

In reaction to the tragedy, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan imposed a state of emergency over the 10 affected regions for a duration of three months and a time of national mourning for seven days. According to the statement made by the foreign secretary of the United Kingdom, there are three missing British people, in addition to four missing Australian nationals. Even though they are currently engaged in a military conflict, Russia and Ukraine are among the several nations that have already sent rescue teams to assist in the search and rescue operations and have given financial assistance.

In the past few days, there have been a number of wonderful rescues, including the retrieval of a newborn infant from the debris of a building that had fallen in a town located in the northwestern part of Syria. The umbilical cord was still linked to the newborn when it was discovered sobbing and placed in front of the mother’s knees. The infant was the only member of the family that was discovered alive after the earthquake, although the mother had been found dead. After the emergency response teams had saved the baby, a female neighbor came over and severed the umbilical cord. The infant was then transported to a local children’s hospital in Afrin, where she was held in an incubator until she could be properly cared for. More than ten hours after the earthquake occurred, the infant was found and saved. According to the reports, she is in stable health but has several injuries, including a significant one on her back. According to the medical professional, the infant would have perished if she had been neglected for even one more hour. The sole cause for concern is the baby’s bruised back, which may have an effect on her spinal cord even though she has been moving her legs and arms regularly. Tuesday was the day when the infant’s family was laid to rest at a cemetery located on the outskirts of Jinderis.

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