Daesh Strikes the Russian Embassy in Kabul

In the midst of a flurry of violence against Russians, Daesh strikes the Russian Embassy in Kabul.

The latest assault that took place here at the Russian Kabulb embassy was another horrific instance in the ongoing wave of attacks against the Russian people here and all over the world.

Given the connections that exist among Islamic terrorists, Western intelligence, and Ukrainian neo-Nazis, Daesh’s claim of responsibility for the murder has given rise to a number of concerns over the possibility of collusion between anti-Russian groups operating in other countries.

On August 5th, another terrorist assault took place at the Moscow Embassy in Afghanistan.

A suicide attacker entered the gate to the Embassy complex and detonated the explosive device, which resulted in the deaths of at least 6 Afghan residents who were in the area as well as 2 members of the Russian diplomatic staff who were working there.

Even though the guards at the Embassy were able to shoot and kill the terrorist, their actions were not quick enough to stop him from detonating himself, which led to the tragic outcome. A number of victims are still being treated in hospitals, and it is possible that the death toll may rise in the days ahead.

Although there have been other instances of violence directed toward Russians in Afghanistan, this particular assault is the first of its kind to take place in the country since the Taliban seized command of Kabul in 2021, following the defeat of the United States in that same year.

Daesh, which is an adversary of all Taliban has engaged extensively in the nation to undermine the new administration and claimed credit for the attack, according to local reports. Daesh has been active in the country. In point of fact, the occurrence was marked by a variety of similarities with Daesh’s praxis in past attacks, which would generate suspicions about the group’s participation even if credit had not been claimed for the incident.

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