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COVID Has Just About Vanished In Japan

COVID Vanished In Japan

In Okazaki, japan, COVID has just about vanished and it’s now obvious the reason why.

The Japanese have a fatality rate of about 5 percent compared to the united state of America because of extensive vaccination rollout effectiveness, and the global acknowledgment that face-masks are a pretty good concept. Well, at least to the control freaks, but NOT us, we know better… Let’s continue, shall we?

COVID cases are generally on the increase around the globe. and YES, they are STILL using the PCR test that has been proven time and time again to give FALSE POSITIVES, and when have you heard of ANYONE dying from a CASE? Ok, moving with to the story.

The start of the winter season, the quick spreading of the brand-new and even a lot more contagious Omicron variation, as well as the resistance of the former variant, Delta, have all added to a rise in problems, these so-called experts keep telling us.

Well, here is the good news folks, Ivermectin was permitted as therapy on Aug 13th, Medical professionals may now prescribe it without ANY limitations, and Folks have the ability to purchase it legitimately from India. Check out this story on A Realistic Strategy To Covid Vaccinations

Ivermectin in Japan

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