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Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds are parents again

Another child is on the way for Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds, yes, parents again. Lively showed off her growing baby bump in a sequined dress when at the Forbes Power Women’s Symposium, where she was honored. The announcement that she is expecting the couple’s 4th child was Lively’s way of sharing the good news with fans at the event.

Back in 2016, Lively made a joke about her and Reynolds being “breeders,” implying that they intended to have a large brood. Reynolds was also in on the joke. “I am the third oldest of five children,” she said at that time. Since my spouse is the oldest of four children, we can legitimately call ourselves breeders. You are welcome to visit our , where we will gladly share some of our pictures with you.

James, 7, Inez, 5, and Betty, 2, are Lively and Reynolds’ three children. James is the oldest and Inez is the youngest. In October 2019, Lively gave a warm welcome to Betty.

Lively & Reynolds have made it clear that they value the privacy of their family and have chosen not to share any photographs of their youngsters on any of their social media accounts. Marie Claire received an explanation from Lively in 2016 about this choice. The parents hope that their children will have a typical upbringing much as they had.

“We want our children to have the very same typical life that we had,” Lively stated, adding “Ryan had a great, normal childhood.” We never want to deprive children of what we have since doing so would make us feel very materialistic and greedy.

Lively said back then in reference to the paparazzi, “I’d prefer to not cope with this at all, but we understood the lifestyles we were going into, and although it’s difficult, it was another thing whenever it’s our kid [Lively had just given birth to James at the time].” She was unable to decide what it is that she wanted since she was not given the chance to do so.

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