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An insider at the WEF says that the Silicon Valley bank crash is a “Great Reset Scam”

A senior executive at Silicon Valley Bank, Joseph Gentile, has been linked to three major financial collapses, leading many to question whether these events were orchestrated by hidden forces.

Interestingly, Joseph Gentile, an executive at SV Bank, “start connecting the dots” some are saying.

Do you have any idea what Joseph Gentile did for a living before he started working at Silicon Valley Bank? He held the position of chief financial officer of Lehmann Brothers, the greatest bank failure in the annals of United States history.

Gentile was the CFO of Lehmann Brothers, the largest bank to crash in US history, as well as being connected to Enron’s bankruptcy, and now the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank.

Many believe that these events are not a coincidence and are part of a wider plan to create a global financial crisis. The goal of this crisis is to push for a new global government and economic order, which will benefit the elite and leave the rest of the world in bondage to a techno-communist world government system.

The public will be sold this new order as the only way to save what little wealth they have left. However, people must remain vigilant and educate themselves to prevent this deception from succeeding.

A cashless society, facilitated by blockchain technology, and the centralization of currency in the form of a Central Bank Digital Currency, are part of the plan to exert total social control.

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