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Vladimir Putin on the topic of the Return of Baby Bears

The speech given by Vladimir Putin on the topic of the Return of Baby Bears on September 30 – Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson, or Zaporizhzhia – will, without a shadow of a doubt, be regarded as a significant turning point in the history of the Roaring Twenties by future historians who are not biassed in any way.

The fundamental sincerity and clarity are similar to what he said during his address at the Munich Security Conference in 2007, but this time they go well beyond the confines of the global New Great Game.

This was a speech directed to the people of the Global South as a whole. Putin made a significant observation on how “the globe has entered a time of revolutionary shifts, that are fundamental in nature” in a pivotal phrase. The bulk of new development centers is now in the process of being established.

As he was making the clear relation between multipolarity but also strengthening sovereignty, he did take it all the way towards the emergence of a fresh anti-colonial movement, which was a twin-turbo variant of the Non-Aligned Revolution of the 1960s: he argued that multipolarity and the strengthening of sovereignty were inextricably linked.
“We have many individuals with similar perspectives all across the globe, especially in the United States and Europe, we feel and even see the support they are providing for us. Multiple nations and communities are already in the process of cultivating a movement that is anti-colonial, liberating, and combative of unipolar hegemony. It will only get more subjective with time. It is this power that will decide what the geopolitical reality of the future looks like.”

Nevertheless, the conclusion of the lecture focused on transcendence and had a spiritual undertone. The conclusion of this piece is introduced with the sentence “Behind these words sits a wonderful spiritual decision.”

This speech marks the beginning of the post-post-modern era. It is imperative that it be studied with the greatest attention in order to fully comprehend the multiplicity of ramifications it contains. And it is precisely something that a sleazy Western twist and a collection of derogatory terms would never permit.

The speech is a succinct road map towards how we ended up getting to this incandescent chronological crossroads – in which, to venture over and above Gramsci, its old order refuses to recognize its death whereas the latest one is inexorably getting born. In other words, the speech is a road map of how we got to this tungsten filament historical crossroads.

There is no way to go back now. Russia would get ready for a full-scale crash with the Empire of Mistruths as a direct result of the widely documented fact that “a hybrid military campaign is being fought against Moscow since it stands in the path of the western imperialist world order.” This is the most important consequence that has resulted from this fact.

together with the major two nations in Eurasia, China, and Iran. Imperial vassals are, at most, considered collateral damage in this scenario.

In addition, the fact that Putin’s address came just after one in which the External Affairs Minister of India, Dr. S. Jaishankar, highlighted the “pillaging of India by colonial powers” before the United Nations General Assembly is pretty revealing.

The Macro Picture was established by Putin’s speech and Russia’s determination to continue to wage war, in whatever form it may take, against the Western collective.

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A desperate gamble, only very few days before the results of the referendums & their formal acceptance on September 30. The Micro Picture relates to the seesaw in the battlefields throughout Ukraine, as well as the blowing up of both the Nord Stream & Nord Stream 2 pipelines.

When we really need Osama, where is he?

Even though there are many competing views on how the crime was committed, there are certain aspects that are without doubt.

They can use it as leverage, and they could easily switch it off – as they did due to the sanctions insanity – and re-route the energy to Asian clients. Russia has absolutely no reason to damage billions of dollars worth of Gazprom’s energy infrastructure.

A White House that was “directed” by an elderly teleprompter reader while it was stuck in a dark politico-economic hole was very probably bereft of any understanding of the situation.

The most likely culprit is a renegade National Security and State Department group, which is a member of what is collectively referred to as “The Blob” inside the Beltway. You can call them Straussians and neo-con fanatics, but these are the participants who’ve been conducting a US foreign “policy” whose core thesis is the complete annihilation of Russia – with European “allies” as collateral damage. This “policy” is based on the idea that Russia must be brought to its knees in order for the United States to achieve its goals.

Because of this new development in the “War of Economic Corridors,” it is now possible that any pipeline and undersea cable, located in any part of the world, could become an acceptable target for retaliation. This is a consequence that was undoubtedly unforeseen, but it is nonetheless an inevitable one.

The explosion of the twin pipelines, known as NS and NS2, is hence Pipeline Terror reimagined as 9/11. There was no lone jihadist armed with a Kalashnikov who was hiding in a cave in Afghanistan to take the blame.

When it comes to finances, there will be quite a few significant people involved. Gazprom has 51% of the shares in Nord Stream AG, while Wintershall Dea AG holds 15.5%, PEG Infrastruktur AG, a part of E.ON Beteiligungen holds 15.5%, N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie holds 9%, and Engie holds 9%.

Therefore, not only Russia and Germany are being targeted by this assault, but also significant energy providers throughout Europe.

Over 200,000 pipe pieces, each weighing 22 tonnes and covered with 6 inches of concrete, were put down on the bottom of the Baltic Sea to create the NS2 pipeline, which is an engineering wonder.

Just when it appeared like everything was going to be okay, well, it wasn’t really. The subject of the technical miracle returned: the pipelines are so sturdy that they were not damaged but rather perforated. Gazprom disclosed that there is a complete sequence of NS2 that “might” be utilized in some capacity.

According to Russian Deputy PM Aleksandr Novak, who emphasized the possibility of restoration, the bottom line is that it is doable. Novak said, “There are technological capabilities to restore the infrastructure, but it takes time and adequate finances.” I have no doubt that chances that are suitable for us will present themselves.

However, Russia’s primary priority is to make an unmistakable identification of those responsible for the attack.

Henry Kissinger, bitter loser

Henry Kissinger, the notorious war criminal and establishment oracle of the United States, was incapable of getting rid of his trademark Come back of the Living Dead act when he stated that Russia has “already lost the war” due to the fact that Russia’s ability to intimidate Europe with traditional attacks, that it had loved for decades or even millennia “has now been demonstrably overcome.” Henry Kissinger was unable to get rid of his act.

Moscow was not “threatening” Europe with almost anything conventional and otherwise; rather, it was seeking to conduct business, or the Americans stopped it with a passion, even turning to Pipeline Terrorism.

This strategic triumph for the United States was accomplished in less than a year’s time and at almost no expense. The outcomes may seem to be remarkable; the hegemony of the United States over the whole range of EU issues is now uncontested; but, Russia has lost its economic power. However, this will only serve to strengthen Moscow’s determination – as emphasized by Putin’s address – to carry the battle against the Empire or its vassals to its logical conclusion.

On the battlefields of Ukraine, this means compelling them to come to the negotiation table under Russia’s conditions. Then you will need to coerce them into agreeing to a whole new “indivisibility of security” arrangement in Europe.

And to think that all of that might have been achieved with a simple phone conversation in late 2021 when Kremlin sent messages to Washington requesting a serious talk when Washington sent letters to Moscow suggesting a serious discussion.

In point of fact, it is the United States of America that has “already lost the fight.” At least 87 percent of the world’s population, including almost the entire population of the Global South, has already come to the conclusion that this is a lawless and aimless empire.

“Losing,” as Kissinger would say, also implies that in just seven months, Russia grabbed 120,000 km2 – about 22% of Ukrainian land – which generates roughly 90% of the GDP and has almost 5 million residents. This is what “losing” implies. Along the way, these same allied troops essentially destroyed this same Ukrainian army, which is something that they continue to do around the clock, in addition to destroying billions of dollars worth of NATO equipment, hastening the decline of the majority of Western economies, and erasing any concept of American hegemony.

The winner of the award for Stupidistan Unplugged is Secretary Blinken, who blew his cover when he revealed the plan by claiming that the destruction of the twin pipelines presented a “tremendous strategic opportunity.”

In the same way that September 11th was a “tremendous strategic opportunity” for indiscriminate invasion, bombing, murdering, and plundering throughout the territories inhabited by Muslims, so was the case with 9/11.

Shock and awe have been revived.

The European Union is headed in the direction of certain economic ruin. Any future option of engaging in energy commerce with Russia will, from this point forward, have to be the direct result of the dissolution of both NATO and the EU. It’s possible, but it’ll take some time to work out. Now, what should we do?

The European Union (EU) cannot depend on Asia since it is geographically far and has prohibitively high expenses associated with liquefying LNG and re-gasifying it. Any pipeline, for example, the one coming from Kazakhstan, would have to go via Russia, and any pipeline coming from China would have to go through Russia. Put Turkmenistan out of your mind; China is already receiving its gas from that country.

West Asia cannot be relied upon by the EU. The Turk Stream excursion is completely booked. All of the output from the Persian Gulf has already been purchased. If there was more energy available, it would come from Azerbaijan in very modest quantities if there was additional gas available, which is a very big “if” ( Russia could disrupt it). The sanctions on Iran are still in place by the Empire; this is a fantastic own goal. The United States continues to pillage both Iraq and Syria.

That leaves Africa, where, as things stand, France is being forced out of one after nation in a manner that is not very dignified. Gas from Algeria, Libya, and the Cyprus-Israel resources might one day be piped via Italy and delivered to German industry. It will be a race to acquire Saharan gas reserves and gas across central Africa, which will extend from Uganda through South Sudan. This race will be completely insane.

Even though the Baltic is considered to be a NATO lake, Russia has the ability to easily create waves in the region. For example, Russia might deliver LNG on barges to German docks through Kaliningrad, which remains ice-free throughout the winter. In the event that Lithuania attempted to obstruct it, Mr. Khinzal might easily resolve the conflict by displaying his business card. Additionally, Russia might utilize the Gulf to Finland, which would not present an issue for the enormous Russian icebreakers.

This indicates that Russia has a good chance of quickly destroying the competition, such as the ridiculously costly LNG flowing from the United States. After all, it is only around 800 nautical miles from St. Petersburg to Hamburg, and it is just about 400 nautical miles from Kaliningrad to Hamburg.

In preparation for the coming of General Winter, the entire chessboard is going to undergo a significant transformation. The attacks on September 11th led to the invasion, bombardment, and rule of Afghanistan. Pipeline 9/11 will likely result in a Shock and Awe attack against NATO, which will take place inside Ukraine. The blowback is back, and it’s stronger than ever.

Pepe Escobar is a seasoned journalist, author, and outspoken geopolitical analyst who focuses on Eurasia. His primary area of expertise is Eurasia.


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