U.S. Ambassador In Moscow John Sullivan Leaving Russia

The United States foreign ministry in Russia announced on Sunday that John Sullivan the U.S. Ambassador In Moscow has resigned from his position after serving in that capacity for over three years.

“US Envoy John J. Sullivan has ended his tenure as US ambassador and departed Russia today,” it was stated in a message. “This marks the end of Ambassador Sullivan’s service to the United States in Russia.”

Sullivan’s career, which “has lasted 40 years and 5 US presidents,” will soon come to an end and he will then retire.

According to the statement sent by the US Embassy in Moscow, “Elizabeth Rood will assume responsibilities as charge d’affaires at the US Consulate Moscow until Ambassador Sullivan’s successor arrives.”

Sullivan has a history of serving in high-level government positions, such as acting secretary of state, and even after Donald Trump left office, he continued in his role as ambassador. Amidst the Russian military effort in Ukraine, he declared in June that ties between Washington and Moscow had reached an all-time low. This came as a result of the Russian military offensive. According to the ambassador, this has made it extremely hard for there to be any fruitful cooperation between the countries.

In the wake of the United States government’s announcement of a brand-new set of anti-Russian sanctions and the Russian government’s decision to remove its ambassador, Anatoly Antonov, Sullivan decided to take some time away from Moscow. Following a meeting in June between the presidents of the United States and Russia, the US ambassador traveled back to Russia.

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