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Trudeau Invoked the Emergency Act

Trudeau invoked the emergency act… He’s doing it even before Congress has the ability to question and debate it. He’s also blaming everything, everything, on the protesters, he is taking no responsibility for his enacted totalitarian measures.

He keeps calling these demonstrations illegal, they are illegal because they disagree with the tyrannical rule, if you agree with him you’re good to go, if you disagree you are a white supremacist, you are a terrorist, you are an occupier.

The Prime minister of Canada is proven to be a spinner of lies… Not a leader of a country, he is a drug promoter.
With this emergency act, he will be able to seize your bank accounts, don’t doubt for a second that this dictator won’t throw you under the bus.

The prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, is the sole person responsible for creating the mess we are in today… I don’t care how they want or try to spin it, you cannot deny what is true.

REMEMBER WHEN: Widespread vandalism and looting during BLM protests cost insurance $2 BILLION IN DAMAGES after violence erupted in 140 cities?


But for Peaceful protesters the GOV. SAYS SHUT THEM DOWN… #TruckersForFreedom


Why are you not hearing on the mainstream news that the Ottawa police do NOT need to take the JAB, it is NOT mandatory for them to keep their jobs.

And yet they’re pushing it on people to take the damn thing to keep providing a living for their family. Talk about corruption.

Raise your hand if you’re more concerned about losing your Constitutional rights than you are about Covid?

Remember that “If you sleep in a democracy, you are bound to wake up in a dictatorship”.

Anyone who thinks the police are here to protect the people, I have news for you, that is false. They have been created to protect the oligarchy, to protect corporate property from you.

This is a fact, this is reality, this is the truth.

There is a big difference between being ruled, and being governed…. I will not be ruled by ANY dictator.

How many people on here know someone injured or killed by the jab?

I have said this 2 years ago, and I will say it again today. This is all about control.

This post is MY OPINION ONLY!

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