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Thousands of Israelis Demand Netanyahu’s Resignation Over Handling of War with Hamas

Thousands of Israelis gathered outside Benjamin Netanyahu’s residence in Jerusalem in protest of his handling of the war with Hamas.

The protesters walked and shouted slogans while brandishing Israeli flags and signs that called for the resignation of the Israeli Prime Minister.

Some people attribute the October 7 incursion of Israel by Hamas to Netanyahu’s actions or lack thereof.

According to The Mail Online, Rani Graff, a protester, expressed the view that Benjamin Netanyahu, the present Israeli Prime Minister, should resign as he bears the responsibility for the October 7 catastrophe, whcih is considered the worst in Israel’s history. This tragedy resulted in the murder of 1,400 individuals, as well as the abduction, rape, and burning to death of innocent babies, women, and children.

‘We need him to go, he is responsible, we need him to go now, yesterday.’

A different individual lifted a sign that proclaimed: ‘Netanyahu has caused devastation in Israel.’

According to some accounts, other demonstrators shouted slogans such as: “You’re the reason we’re dead, leave us alone!”

According to medical authorities in Palestine, approximately 14,000 Palestinians in Gaza have lost their lives as a result of Israel’s military operation in response to Hamas’ assaults.

The metropolitan area of Gaza has suffered immense destruction, with a significant portion of its infrastructure and buildings left in ruins, while the lives of approximately 5,000 young children have been tragically cut short as a result of Israel’s military actions.

The Israeli government has promised to liberate all captives as their armed forces continue their offensive in Gaza, according to official reports from Israel.

Early this morning, Israeli prison officials declared that they had set free 39 Palestinian prisoners following Hamas’ release of 13 Israelis and four Thai citizens during the most recent phase of a four-day ceasefire.

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