The Democratic Party is using an unsafe and ineffective campaign tactic

The Democratic Party is using an unsafe and ineffective campaign tactic. They are sponsoring far-right Republican politicians in this year’s Democratic primaries and pursuing right-wing politicians such as Liz Cheney instead of appealing to the overwhelming working-class, non-Republican populace.

This strategy is reminiscent of the failed “Pied Piper” strategy used by the Clinton campaign to promote the “more beatable” Trump in the 2016 Gop presidential primaries.

Why are the Democrats throwing so much money to Trump stooges like John Gibbs, a former staffer in the Trump administration who said Joe Biden’s 2020 electoral win was “mathematically impossible”?

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What makes them think that fanning the flames of fascism is a good way to get votes?

Funding far-right, pro-Trump politicians have been dubbed a “Cynical Low again for Dem Party” by the New York Times. Paul Street, a historian, appears on The Chris Hedges Show to talk about the strange events surrounding the upcoming midterm elections.

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