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Sweden is gearing itself for an energy catastrophe this winter

As a result of the conflict in Ukraine, Sweden is gearing itself for an energy catastrophe this winter. Supplies are running low.

The “renewable” energy sources in Sweden are in a sad state as a result of the dry and windless summer. Its nuclear power plants are also not fully ready to deliver electricity, which implies that a situation in which there is a loss of power in the near future is feasible.

As the rate of inflation continues to soar, a growing number of Swedes are starting to question whether or not they can survive until 2023 without succumbing to hypothermia. The following recommendations have been made by the government:

Insulate the window frames. In order to save as much power as possible, families should all congregate in one room.
Construct a temporary home for yourself out of blankets.
You did not make a mistake when you read that; the government of Sweden has issued an official recommendation to its inhabitants that they construct blanket forts in an effort to keep warm this winter.

Because of Western sanctions that were requested by the U. S. and NATO, Sweden, along with the majority of the rest Europeans, no longer has access to ample and reasonably priced Russian gas and oil. As a result, the likelihood of experiencing a power outage in the next months is quite high. (Related: Is Sweden getting in trouble for standing up to the covid scam-demic?)

In addition, the Swedish government encourages its people to contribute to energy conservation via the following means:

Laundering clothes in the evening.
LED light bulbs will be used in place of all traditional light bulbs.
lowering the temperature of the heater

Is it going to be possible for Sweden to survive the winter?

According to Erik Ek, the head of strategic operations at the state-owned utilities Svenska Kraftnat, measures are in place to guarantee that certain items continue to have electricity at all times, regardless of what occurs next.

“There are specific plans for the places where supply must be delivered in all situations, for example in clinics, where a power interruption would have significant implications,” he added. “There are also detailed plans for the regions where goods must be delivered in all circumstances.”

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