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Pfizer’s Pre-Authorization Study on Myocarditis in Children: What You Need to Know

Amid the CDC’s assurance of the COVID-19 vaccine’s safety for kids, Pfizer quietly delved into a crucial inquiry: did the vaccine pose any heart risks for children? According to an insightful report by DailyClout based on internal Pfizer documents, this study flew under the radar until now.

Unveiling Pfizer’s Phase 2/3 Study

Pfizer embarked on a Phase 2/3 Study in Europe, focusing on children aged 5-11 and 12-15. Their aim? To analyze blood samples post-vaccination for troponin I, a protein indicating potential heart damage.

A Quiet Study Before the Storm

Starting in September 2021, Pfizer’s study preceded the FDA’s green light for emergency use of the COVID-19 vaccine in kids aged 5-11 by a month.

Acknowledging the Hidden Risk

While the FDA vouched for the vaccine’s safety, Pfizer’s ongoing vigilance through active surveillance hinted at a concealed threat of vaccine-induced myocarditis and pericarditis, as noted by Dr. Christopher Flowers.

Veiled Findings and Public Concern

Surprisingly, neither Pfizer nor the FDA shared the study’s outcomes withh the public, sparking concerns regarding transparency and safety.

The DailyClout Revelation

Dr. CHristopher Flowers spearheaded the revelation of Pfizer’s concealed study, shedding light on potential risks obscured from public knowledge.

Questioning Children’s ‘Assent’.

Analyzing Pfizer’s released documents, Flowers highlighted the use of comic-based ‘assent’ forms for children, raising ethical questions about securing consent for potentially life-threatening tests.

Unraveling the Study’s Design.

Approximately 1,250 children were slated to receive two vaccine doses each, with half receiving placebos. Parents diligently recorded any post-injection symptoms, while blood samples were tested for troponin levels.

A Closer Look at FDA’s Advisory Committee.

The FDA’s advisory committee meetings in October 2021 hinted at safety concerns for myocarditis and pericarditis in 5- to 11-year-olds, urging post-marketing surveillance.

The Larger Tapestry of Evidence.

Pfizer’s undisclosed study adds to a mounting pile of evidence implicating the vaccine in myocarditis cases, despite public health agencies’ assurances of safety.

The Veil of Silence Lifts.

Revelations from VAERS and international health agencies pointed to myocarditis risks associated with the COVID-19 vaccine, contradicting public assurances.

The Biden Administration’s Role.

Emails obtained through FOIA requests suggested the Biden administration’s awareness of vaccine-related heart damage, prompting questions about transparency and public health messaging.

In Conclusion.

Pfizer’s pre-authorization study on myocarditis in children raises significant concerns about transparency and safety in vaccine rollouts. As the veil of silence lifts, it’s imperative for public health agencies to prioritize transparency and accountability in safeguarding children’s health.

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