Helpful Tool and a Treacherous Enemy

The Corporation, like Fire, makes for a Helpful Tool and a Treacherous Enemy

Are they a Helpful Tool and a Treacherous Enemy? well, remember that the heads of corporations are entrusted with increasing earnings over everything. Public administrators, as a matter of fact, possess a legitimately enforceable guardian obligation in order to boost earnings as their key functionality. This is actually a morality-free essential fact, not always ideal…

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whistle blower Melissa Strickler

Pfizer Worker Melissa Strickle Connected COVID-19 Injection to Abortion

Now FIRED, Pfizer worker Melissa Strickler told Real News Cast team that “the Lord” helped her find the e-mail’s of Pfizer directors talking about how to conceal from the general public the connection that their COVID-19 injection has to abortion. Project Veritas, an investigatory journalism channel with a past history of uncovering Pfizer’s shadiness, initially…

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You are not That Interesting

You Aren’t That Interesting They Say

Doubters are fast to reject personal privacy worries as paranoid. “You aren’t that interesting,” these experts frequently claim. Perhaps it’s wishful thinking. Let’s say that normal folks were never this interesting, then, Facebook,, Twitter, Microsoft, Zoom, plenty of 3rd party information brokers, and even the intelligence organizations that indulge in backdoor access to…

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Clue: It’s probably one of the most science-driven of them all. Intel. Not exclusively that, immunized staff members can NEVER say they do not intend to team up or work with unvaccinated workers. (Regulation 8.4). Not just that, Intel prohibits supervisors from requesting shots or Vax status. (Regulation 8.13). Did you know that Iceland –…

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Microscopic Discoveries are Literally Horrifying!

Dr. Botha’s Microscopic Discoveries are Literally Horrifying!

Dr. Zandre Botha Microscopic Discoveries are Literally Horrifying. She has analyzed the hemoglobin or blood of many individuals under a microscopic lens after these people succumb to the strong-armed, misinformation of the COVID biotech hypodermic injections which are being criminally marketed as “COVID Vaccines,” and we ALL know they are definitely not. A microscopic test…

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5th Nation to Stop Moderna COVID-19 Vaccination

Iceland – 5th Nation to Stop Moderna COVID-19 Vaccination

Details directly from the Nordic nations regarding the rising of myocarditis and even pericarditis after inoculation by the Moderna injection, as well as inoculation using Pfizer/BioNTech are spreading. Iceland teamed up with 4 International nations in opposition to Moderna’s COVID-19 injection recently, pointing out updated details regarding heart swelling dangers. Is Joe Biden’s Mandate a…

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President Joe Biden mandate exposed

Is Joe Biden’s Mandate a Bluff to Pressure Americans to Take the Shot?

Was President Joe Biden’s announcement on Sept. 9th of a vaccine mandate for business using 100 or more individuals a bluff to encourage more Americans to be vaccinated? One month later, as mentioned by The Federalists’ Pleasure Pullman, no rule has been released by the Department of Labor’s Occupational Security and Health Administration, referred to…

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Giving Physicians the Freedom to Administer Early Treatments for COVID

A public statement in support of giving physicians the freedom to administer early treatments for COVID without disturbance from federal government authorities has actually gotten over 11,000 signatures from physicians and medical researchers, up from 4,000 only a couple of weeks earlier. The statement was prepared in response to the suppression of safe and efficient…

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climate change

Google stringent new guidelines concerning web content on climate change

The search engine Google has launched rigorous rules relating to web content regarding climate change on its own networks, pledging to close down advertising campaigns and even demonetize YouTube videos that dispute any “reputable scientific opinion about the existence and or causes of climate change.” (I wonder from WHO, some TV scientist?) An announcement published…

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