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Mind Manipulation Conducted by the CIA under the Codename MK Ultra

MK Ultra Mind Control

Tests on mind manipulation/control conducted by the CIA under the codename “MK Ultra” were REAL, NO conspiracy theory, its a proven fact now.

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MK Ultra is perhaps the most well-known example of a conspiracy theory that ended up being shown to be accurate.

In the initial stages of the Cold War, our American administration was under the impression that their adversaries were in possession of a substance that might be used to control people’s minds. As a direct result of this, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) began working on its very own program, which they termed MK-Ultra.

It was stated that this was a medicine that could influence people’s thoughts and that it had the potential to be a weapon against the adversaries of the country. Stephen Kinzer, a journalist who was able to document the whole of the program, described this operation as the greatest prolonged quest in the history of the world for strategies to control the mind. The Dangerous Course Politicians Are leading Us On.

In addition, the journalist claimed that there were two steps involved in the act of controlling the mind. To begin, one needed to destroy the currently possessed mind. When this resulted in an empty space, the software would try to fill it with a new mind.

Sidney Gottlieb, the principal scientist working on the initiative, was unable to successfully implant a new mind into a patient. This was a great disappointment. However, he enjoyed the challenge of erasing pieces of people’s precious memories.

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