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Megyn Kelly Criticizes Bill Maher’s Assertion on Hillary Clinton’s Stance on Trump’s Presidency

In a recent episode of her podcast, Megyn Kelly took a strong stance against Bill Maher’s claim that Hillary Clinton did not label Donald Trump’s presidency as illegitimate. This exchange highlights the ongoing political discourse surrounding the legitimacy of electoral outcomes and the narratives constructed by influential political figures.

Bill Maher’s Controversial Claim

Bill Maher, a prominent television host and political commentator, asserted that Hillary Clinton never referred to Donald Trump’s presidency as illegitimate. This statement was made during a segment discussing the political climate and the rhetoric used by politicians to question the legitimacy of election results.

Megyn Kelly’s Rebuttal

Megyn Kelly, known for her direct and incisive commentary, responded to Maher’s claim by pointing out several instances where Hillary Clinton indeed questioned the legitimacy of Trump’s presidency. Kelly emphasized that Clinton’s remarks, both during and after the 2016 presidential election, contributed to the narrative that Trump’s win was tainted by foreign interference and other irregularities.

Key Instances Highlighted by Kelly

  1. Post-Election Remarks: Shortly after the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton referred to Trump as an “illegitimate president” during various interviews, suggesting that Russian interference had significantly influenced the outcome.
  2. Public Statements: On multiple occasions, Clinton publicly questioned the integrity of the election process, thereby implying that Trump’s presidency was not entirely legitimate.
  3. Interviews and Public Appearances: Throughout her post-election public appearances, Clinton frequently discussed the factors she believed undermined the legitimacy of the 2016 election results, reinforcing the notion of an illegitimate presidency.

The Impact of Rhetoric on Political Discourse

The debate between Kelly and Maher underscores a larger issue within American politics: the power of rhetoric in shaping public perception. When influential figures like Hillary Clinton cast doubt on the legitimacy of an election, it can have far-reaching implications for public trust in democratic processes.

The Role of Media Personalities

Media personalities, including Kelly and Maher, play a significant role in amplifying and challenging political narratives. By addressing these claims, they contribute to the broader dialogue and influence how audiences perceive political legitimacy and electoral integrity.

The Consequences of Legitimacy Claims

Accusations of illegitimacy can erode trust in the electoral system, leading to increased polarization and skepticism among voters. It is crucial for political leaders and commentators to carefully consider the long-term effects of their statements on public confidence in democracy.


Megyn Kelly’s pointed response to Bill Maher’s claim highlights the ongoing debate over the legitimacy of Donald Trump’s presidency and the broader implications of such rhetoric in American politics. By scrutinizing the statements made by influential figures like Hillary Clinton, Kelly emphasizes the importance of holding political leaders accountable for their words and the impact they have on public perception and trust in the democratic process.

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