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Italy to make it through the winter with the gas levels that are now available

According to statements made by Italy’s Minister of energy Robert Cingolani on Sunday, the nation will be able to make it through the wintertime with the amount of gas storage or flow level that is already in place, unless “catastrophic events” occur.

Gas is still coming into Italy, which can also depend on a savings plan in advance of the winter, according to comments made by Cingolani to the state-owned television station Rai Tre. “We have gas storage loaded at more than 90percentage points (of capacity),” he said.

According to his statement, “our calculations suggest that, as long as there are no cataclysmic circumstances such as extremely freezing temperatures or other military developments (in Kiev), we are protected for the winter.”

According to Cingolani, “The difficulty at this time also isn’t availability (of gas), but (its) price,” and he said that Rome has targeted further resources to achieve 92-93percentage storage amounts in order to have flexibility during peak periods during the course of the winter season.

Disruptions in the supply chain

Eni, the biggest exporter of Russian gas into Italy, announced on Saturday that it was unlikely to get any of the gas it had bought for delivery next weekend and that it anticipated this scenario to continue into Monday. Eni is an energy company that is based in Italy.

The interruption contributed to the tensions that were produced by leaks detected inside the Nord Stream 2 and 3 pipelines last week, which were blamed on sabotage from both the Kremlin as well as the West. The pipelines connect Russia and Germany.

Cingolani did not address the interruption to Eni, but he did say that the suspected sabotage of Nord Stream will be one of the subjects discussed at a meeting planned with the Russian ambassador early Monday at Italy’s Foreign Ministry.

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