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Is the German Government’s Checkbook the Ultimate Globalist Player? Exploring the €3.8 Billion Gates Foundation Revelation

So, here we have it folks, the German government unveiling its star-studded lineup of projects and initiatives, all funded with that pocket change of €3.8 billion. Who knew taxpayer funds could buy a backstage pass to the globalist show? It’s like the ultimate “we’ve got connections” move, rubbing shoulders with the Gates Foundation and other international celebs. But hey, no worries, they’re just “contributing valuable impulses and ideas” to the tune of billions. Who needs piggy banks when you’ve got global agendas to fuel? Cheers to funding the future, one € at a time!

The German Government’s Allocation of 3.8 Billion Euros to Gates Foundation Initiatives

In response to a parliamentary inquiry, a recent revelation has brought to light the substantial financial support provided by the German Government to various projects orchestrated by the Gates Foundation. An impressive 3.8 billion euros have been channeled towards these projects, sparking discussions and debates about the implications of such funding.

German Taxpayer Funds Fueling International Foundations

A comprehensive information request was made by members of the parliamentary group DIE LINKE, leading to a significant disclosure by the Federal government. German taxpayer funds have been actively utilized to fuel multiple projects and programs orchestrated by esteemed international foundations. These include the well-known Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the esteemed Wellcome Trust.

A Closer Look at the Projects

The funds provided by the German Government have been strategically directed towards a wide array of projects and programs that align with globalist initiatives. Among these, a notable focus has been on endeavors related to population control programs and the globally recognized UN Agenda 2030.

Analyzing the Gates Foundation’s Role

The Gates Foundation, reputed as the largest private foundation globally, boasts a staggering asset portfolio of $67.3 billion. Despite receiving limited media attention initially, a thorough analysis conducted by the German website Transparenztest (Tt) has unveiled a rather scandalous revelation.

The analysis revealed that the German government has facilitated funding for an impressive 31 projects and programs intertwined with the Gates Foundation’s efforts. Remarkably, in 24 of these initiatives, the Gates Foundation stood as the sole recipient of the allocated funds.

The Government’s Justification

In response to inquiries about this significant financial support, the federal government offered a justification rooted in its commitment to the UN Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development. The government cited the indispensability of private actors’ active involvement in achieving the overarching global Sustainable Development Goals, thereby deriving a mandate for cooperative endeavors with these actors.

Acknowledging Influence and Impulses

Moreover, the government proudly acknowledged its support for private foundations and emphasized the Gates Foundation’s contributions as a valuable source of inspiration and innovative ideas. This acknowledgment further intensifies suspicions that the Gates Foundation holds considerable sway over governmental decisions.

Diverse Funding Areas

The German government’s financial contributions extend across diverse areas. These range from supporting projects promoting abortion, destructive climate change policies, and the medical security state. Notably, a significant sum of 20.6 million euros was directed towards a Gates Foundation project named “Investment in Health Data Systems and Quality of Care for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health in Malawi.” This project aims to strengthen the health system, focusing on reproductive health.

Navigating Reproductive Health Initiatives

The term “reproductive health” in the context of globalist initiatives commonly encompasses legal access to abortion and contraception. The German government’s financial involvement in projects educating children and teenagers in Africa about reproductive health is a clear indicator of its commitment to such initiatives.

Financial Backing for Global Health Initiatives

The parliamentary inquiry also highlighted the German government’s support for key global health initiatives. The German state’s funding for Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, and the “Pandemic Fund” underscores its commitment to preparedness for future pandemics.

A Balancing Act for the WHO

While the idea of reducing private investors’ influence seems appealing, the document hints at potential drawbacks. The German government’s intention to provide the WHO with “unrestricted funds” raises concerns about granting the globalist body greater autonomy, potentially impacting global population dynamics.

Transitioning to Digital Currencies

A critical component of the globalist agenda involves replacing physical currency with digital alternatives. The German government’s financial backing of the “Better Than Cash Alliance,” a U.N. project focused on advancing responsible digital payments, signifies its alignment with this agenda.

International Foundations and Collaborations

The parliamentary inquiry also unveiled a pattern of engagement between German government representatives and delegates from prominent international foundations. These interactions include representatives from the Gates Foundation, the Open Society Foundations of George Soros, the Wellcome Trust, and others.

In Conclusion

The German Government’s substantial funding of Gates Foundation projects, alongside other international foundations, underscores its commitment to globalist initiatives and collaborative efforts. As financial support continues to shape various projects and programs, the implications of these endeavors on global agendas and population dynamics remain subjects of intense scrutiny and debate.

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