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Get a UK Visa Without a Job

Get a UK visa without a job offer, Brand New UK VISA Announced. You don’t need a job offer or sponsorship to qualify for the visa. You can go to the UK and set up as a self-employed or volunteer. This visa can only be granted once and will not be available to those who have already had a Graduate visa.

The new regulation was quickly slammed on social media for excluding universities from the Global South. The United Kingdom has announced it will start offering work visas to graduates from the world’s top universities, aiming to attract the “best and brightest” workers.

Scale-up Visa
The primary goal of the scale-up visa is to make it easier for companies experiencing rapid growth to hire highly skilled labor from other parts of the world. Scale-up companies can use the fast-track service to get employees to the UK.

To qualify for the visa, the individual must

Have a high-skilled job offer from a scale-up company
Get a minimum salary of £33,000
Meet the English Language requirement
As the skilled worker visa, the scale-up visa is also part of the points-based immigration system. However, the applicant for a scale-up visa does not require an official sponsor whereas an applicant for the skilled worker visa requires an official sponsor.

Note: A business qualifies as a scale-up company if

It has experienced 20% growth in average annual revenue or employment in a 3-year period and
It had at least 10 employees at the beginning of that 3-year period.

Latest Government Reports Coming From The UK

I understand things might be problematic in terms of finances. The economy isn’t friendly at all – which I understand.

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