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For those of you who are just joining me here is the most recent news

Here is the most recent news: An explosion on the Crimean bridge: A massive explosion seriously damaged the single bridge linking annexed Crimea towards the Russian mainland, forcing portions of Europe’s longest bridge to collapse. This bridge was the only one connecting Crimea to the Russian mainland. According to official statements made by the Russian government, at least three persons lost their lives.

Ukrainian leaders celebrate: High-ranking authorities in Ukraine have openly applauded the explosion that occurred on the bridge, but they have refrained from taking the blame for it. The secretary of Ukraine’s National Defense and Security Council tweeted an insulting birthday greeting for Putin, and the country’s postal office stated that commemorative stamps would be issued in honor of the explosion. Residents of Kyiv have been seen taking pictures standing in front of a sign that depicts a burning bridge in the city.

The Russian government moved quickly to examine the explosion and to partially restore service on the bridge’s parallel rail and highway structures. As a result, some traffic was able to resume on the bridge. By the evening, both rail service and a limited amount of automobile traffic were able to resume on the portions of the bridge that were not damaged. Despite this, key transport routes were severely affected by the explosion, and Russian authorities intended to utilize ships to transfer cargo. The Kremlin said that Vladimir Putin had signed a directive to bolster the fortifications of the bridge, but it did not disclose any more information.

Continuing Russian bombardment has caused damage to the facility’s link to the Ukrainian power system, which has resulted in the power plant being severed from the grid. As a result, the nuclear reactor at Zaporizhzhia is once again operating on emergency diesel generators. The bombardment prompted outrage from the United Nations nuclear watchdog as well as the Ukrainian energy director, who warned of the possibility of a nuclear disaster.
Who is in charge of the plant?

While Putin issued a decree that places the power station within Russian government control in terms of the acquisition of four Ukrainian territories, Western allies criticize the action as illegitimate under international law. The Ukrainian military asserts that workers at the facility are being coerced into signing employment contracts with Russia’s nuclear energy agency despite their opposition to doing so.

On Saturday, the senior diplomat for the European Union said once again that Russia’s claim to the facility is “legally null and invalid.”

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