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Disturbing reports of fully vaccinated working-age people dropping dead in record numbers in the UK

The British government has confessed that there are disturbing numbers of fully vaccinated individuals in the workforce who are passing away in unprecedented figures.

As per the data revealed by MHRA, the UK’s drug regulator, a large number of young and healthy adults have died in the last two years. Steve Kirsch reports that the UK’s Yellow Card system, which is equivalent to the VAERS in the United States, has received an enormous number of reports, indicating that the reporting system is functional and not that the drug is hazardous. UK Professor Norman Fenton has made an important video discussing this issue, which you can watch.

In addition, Mark Steyn was fired after being falsely accused of making erroneous claims, while the Ofcom site, which regulates UK media companies, played a significant role in this. However, Ofcom would not penalize you if you spread misinformation that agrees with the government’s narrative. John Campbell has been warned twice on YouTube and could face a lifetime ban for spreading misinformation.

The UK does not have a constitutional right to free speech, which means that Neil Oliver has been effectively silenced, despite his concerns about vaccine safety. It is worth noting that the video claiming that those who have received the AstraZeneca vaccine are immune for 14 days is misleading and untrue. The Ukrainian military is considering administering the vaccine to its soldiers on this basis.

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