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Digital ID Pros and Cons, this is evil. Allowing the government to determine the level of access you have in society is not something ANYONE should be in favor of. Just think of it this way… imagine the stripe of government you hate the most and then ask yourself do you want them to determine what you can do, what you can buy, where you can go, and when? Sure they aren’t implementing that level of control now… but if you think it won’t progress to that you’re deluding yourself.

WORLD Bank Supported UNIVERSAL Digital I.D. Program Before the Pandemic

Besides identity theft…
Besides giving up your right to not be unreasonably searched they can just scan your phone…
What do you get?
-access to book virtual medical appointments? Why virtual? Is there anticipation of perpetual lockdowns?
-to be able to open bank accounts? What does this have to do with covid?
-to avoid lines for marriage certificates? Are you marrying that often?
-to avoid line-ups for death certificates? Are you dying often?

Humanity Has Reached a Crossroads
Digital ID Pros and Cons
Digital Id

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