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Demonstrators Ticketed

Demonstrators are actually being ticketed by Ottawa police and advised to leave the business district right away or run the risk of arrest, this comes shortly after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s announcement of emergency powers to stop the vaccination mandate demonstration.

Police said to truck drivers that they “might lose their licenses” and even have their “motor vehicles confiscated” by the authorities under the Emergencies Act, which Trudeau conjured up Monday.

As authorities gave out tickets, a number of protesters continued to be defiant, based on Real News Cast reports.

Some truck drivers supposedly shredded brochures that ordered them to leave. Some truckers tossed the notice in a lavatory/toilet put out on the roads, while still others stayed inside their vehicles and continued to honk their horns.

“I will never go home!” one demonstrator shouted out.


I will NOT Be Ruled!

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