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The Leader of CANADA has CANCELLED Democracy, and NO ONE NOTICED, by enacting the Emergencies Act which is the modern-day substitute to the War Measures Act.

It makes it possible for the federal government to compel organizations to STOP giving professional services, seize your bank account, it can call for public demonstrations to stop, and even restrict movement by stopping people and relocating them to assigned locations or areas.

The act likewise permits the armed forces or MILITARY, to be used as law enforcement, however, a number of sources claimed that is not necessarily under consideration. The keyword is “Necessarily”.

Opposition leaders in parliament say the reason Canada has reached this phase was that the Prime Minister “failed to handle the protester situation”.

In the Emergency Act, the federal government can authorize banks to cut off services to both private and business enterprise customers that they think are helping the blockades or any demonstrations, in this case, the Truckers convoy, the federal government will now have the ability to identify those individuals involved.

The type of response the federal government of Canada is using, is like killing a fly with a sledgehammer, this is totally over the top, an overreach.

We are living at a historical time in our history to witness this act being conjured up for the first time in opposition to peaceful demonstration and nonviolent resistance.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has never made ANY attempt to sit down with the truck drivers or ANY demonstrators who are quietly asking to be heard or looked for solutions.

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