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In a recent interview with Freddie Sayers of UnHerd, Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a supporter of patients’ rights to autonomy in their medical care, provided an overview of his platform.

According to him, the operations of the government have been highly affected by mega-corporations, and he wants to reverse that trend by making it a priority to put the interests of American individuals front and center. Kennedy voiced his disapproval of the state-corporate merger, which, in his view, is to blame for the systematic decline of the middle class in the United States and has been accomplished, among other things, by the funding of bank bailouts, wars, and lockdowns.

Kennedy plans to put a stop to the war machine, advance civil rights, restructure U.S. intelligence, and establish a separation between regulatory agencies and the industries that they are tasked with regulating. The epidemic caused by COVID-19 cost the United States $16 trillion, with $4 trillion of that sum being transferred from the middle class to the newly formed oligarchy of millionaires. Additionally, Kennedy argues that previous American conflicts, including the War in Ukraine, have cost a total of $8 trillion, with poor returns for the American people. He cites the fact that these costs have not been recouped by the American people.

Given his four decades of expertise in the courtroom, Kennedy places a high focus on reestablishing the confidence the public has in the regulatory bodies. During the course of one of the trials, he made the startling discovery that the chief of the pesticide division at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), who was meant to be regulating Monsanto, was in fact working covertly for the company. According to Kennedy, this type of corruption is ubiquitous, and both the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) get royalties from pharmaceutical corporations. Additionally, the FDA receives fifty percent of its budget from Big Pharma.

Kennedy claims that the railways, airlines, and banking industry are corrupting the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and that they are in control of the Department of Transportation (DOT). In addition to this, he asserts that the Federal Election Commission (FEC) has been compromised by the media. Kennedy is of the opinion that those in power are taking advantage of worries about the environment in order to amass more riches and control, just as they do whenever there is a crisis in order to impose totalitarian rules on society.

Kennedy intends to shake up the military-industrial complex as well as the intelligence services of the United States, both of which, in his view, have been co-opted by the complex. He advocates putting an end to the war in Ukraine by utilizing the Minsk Accords, withdrawing Aegis Missile systems from their location 70 miles from the Russian border, and agreeing to keep NATO out of Ukraine, which is something the Russians have expressly requested for. All of these things would bring about a ceasefire in the conflict. Kennedy is of the opinion that going to war with Russia is not in the nation’s best interest and that the Central Intelligence Agency should instead undergo reorganization in order to split its espionage and operations sections.

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