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Are You The Best Possible Father?

Have you got it in your head that you are the best possible father or parent for your children? Squish it. There is no such thing as a flawless or perfect parent, brother, or child; similarly, there is no such thing as a perfect basketball player nor, well, anything else.

There are a few measures or steps that one can do to improve your chances of becoming the best possible father. Below are a few ideas:

  1. Make yourself readily available to your youngster.

Even though you may not always be able to spend time with your kids because of job obligations, you should make the most of the time to spend with them by paying attention to what they are saying and doing. Put down the remote control for the television.

While you converse with your child, make it a point to look children in the eyes. Most men are skilled in the art of just half-listening to what their children are saying while keeping an eye on the screen and the other eye on their child at the same time. Your youngster will likely put up with you initially. However, When they become mature, they will realise that you are not genuinely listening to them, and they’ll give up trying to communicate with you. The next time you see your kid, ask yourself, “Who is thinking about me right now?” When speaking with or spending time with a child, the “The Best Possible Father” pays undivided attention to his child.

  1. Put your focus on meeting the requirements of your child.

This is something that is not always easy to grasp for new fathers. It is essential to keep in mind that the childhood years of your child are merely a stage or step in their development. It’ll be over before you realise it, and you’ll be left wondering how the time could have possibly gone by so quickly. Therefore, your kid should be your primary focus, even if this means you have to listen to the kindergarten song over and over again or forego a night out with the fellas to spend time with a pre-teen who is going through his or her initial heartbreak with a boyfriend or girlfriend. The Best Possible Father is the one that prioritises his children.

  1. Demonstrate the behaviour you would like to see.

Your little ones are ALWAYS watching you. If there is a certain way of behaving that you would like your children to emulate, then you will need to model (show) that behaviour for them. When you don’t want your kid to have frequent outbursts, you need to make sure that you do not act out of line if you are upset or agitated. Your children will model their behaviour after seeing how you handle yourself in those situations. If your teen just got their first driver’s licence and you want them to drive safely, you should demonstrate such behaviour months before they acquire their licence. The “best father” is someone who doesn’t simply talk about a good game but also walks the walk.

  1. If you need help, just ask for it.

Almost every father has some concerns or issues regarding the upbringing of their children. If you are unclear about how to handle a particular scenario, it is best to seek the guidance of the other fathers in your family. Study parental literature to educate yourself on the most recent findings regarding kid growth and development. Post a query to a discussion forum for parents who are online. You will find that there are numerous websites geared specifically at dads that will assist you with your challenges. These websites are typically full of humour and fun and are made by dads for other dads. The proverbial “great dad” is the one who understands when to ask for assistance or guidance.

You will never reach the level of being the ideal father. We are all going to mess up and do some really stupid things when it comes to our kids. On the other hand, you have the power to make decisions that will help you be the best father possible. Spend the time necessary to make your children the actual focus of your life, and seek information whenever you feel the need to learn more. Always keep in mind that your kid is studying you to see how real adults behave since they want to be just like you when they grow up. You already possess all it takes to be the “great dad.”

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