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A Greta Thunberg Imitator

A Greta Thunberg supporter by the surname of Mari Copeny, who is just 15 years old, has been charged with a crime punishable by 20 years in prison for making a threat on Snapchat to start shooting at a school in Grand Blanc, Michigan.

Copeny, who also goes by the name “Little Miss Flint” on social media, was questioned by Joe Biden, who posed as the vice president of the United States, about the “water crisis” in Flint in addition to “climate change” in the previous year. Because of the terroristic threats they made over the Snapchat app, this youngster now faces a significant amount of time behind bars.

“I can’t vote yet, but my generation is going to be affected by the climate problem more than any generations before us,” Copeny said to the Sniffer-in-Chief. “What message would you give to the individuals that vote without taking into account the needs of the younger generation or the greater good?”

The answer that Biden provided was, “We are going to make certain that each and every lead piping in America is removed.” “We are going to pay to get a new one installed in tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of houses.”

Greta Thunberg

On November 7th of last year, Copeny published a post in which she stated: “I’m going to f***ing shoot up grand blanc high school today at 9:16 a.m.,” the speaker said.

Considering the urgency of her threat, it took many months for the filing of charges against Copeny. The reason for this delay remains a mystery.

In a statement on the investigation into the incident, the prosecutor for Genesee County, David Leyton, said, “I have frequently indicated that uttering threats to shoot up a school is still no joke.” “This is an extremely serious issue; it is a criminal offense, and we never condone these threats at any of our institutions,” the spokesperson said. “We have zero tolerance for this kind of behavior.”

Mari Copeny is an extremist who believes in the Great Reset and advocates for the use of vaccines.

Copeny is an active student activist at her school demanding vaccination compliance when she is not pushing the panic over global warming and threatening to shoot up schools.

A vaccination drive that was held in conjunction with a “return to school” event was the subject of a post that Copeny uploaded on Instagram. It appears that she was involved in its coordination.

Along with a photo of two guys standing beside a table with a placard reading: “So many cheerful kids & families.”


A lot of people were giving Copeny a lot of acclaim for her public advocacy similar to that of Greta Thunberg before she made the threat to blow up her school. The corporate media centered in Michigan really adored her, and so did Biden and other organizations inspired by social justice.

After winning the Changemaker award the previous year, Copeny was even featured in a story on This person’s profile says:

“The Changemaker distinction is presented now at Billboard Music Awards to members of the pop culture community who use their platform to speak truth to power via their dedication to individual action & leadership. According to the group that bestows the honors, “They are socially aware, politically informed, ever-present in their community, and philanthropic with their time, essential resources, and influence to enhance the lives of others.”

While Greta Thunberg is turning into a has-been in the realm of climate advocacy, it is only logical that Copeny, another “child star,” was wheeled out to replace her as the next face of the movement to combat climate change.

Who will be the next underage juvenile celebrity for the Democrats to parade about after Copeny loses her luster?

If she ends up behind bars for the next 2 decades, she may have already lost her shine, but one wonders who will be the next juvenile youth idol for the Democrats.

So according to ABC 12, Copeny did not make any effort to carry out the threat that she made. According to reports, Grand Blanc Schools sent all of its children home early on that day, entered a “safe mode,” and increased the number of police officers present.

There were no other occurrences that took place.

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